Past Opportunities 26.08.2019

Help Predict Maintenance for Elevator Technicians with KONE

What’s better than a successful elevator maintenance visit? Well, knowing exactly whether or not (and why) an elevator is in need of maintenance in the first place! We are looking for partners to develop solutions that can improve predictive maintenance solutions and improve the customer experience. Might you have one to develop with us?

KONE moves more than 1 billion people around the world, daily. Every week, that’s roughly the equivalent of the population of the world. To ensure seamless service, the installed base of around 1.3 million units requires maintenance, care, and modernization.

Each elevator, escalator, and automatic door is installed in a unique building. Although KONE makes regular visits to maintain their installed elevators, today, KONE 24/7 Connected Services means using real-time data and analytics as preventive maintenance gets smarter. It means improving the customer experience with real-time monitoring. Or it can mean sustainable, smart buildings making better use of energy and resources. For consumers, it means a better, personalized experience through the whole elevator and escalator journey, from door to destination.

The list of parts for anyone unit runs in the hundreds. Parts such as rotating pulleys with bearings, sliding elements for guiding the elevator cabin and reeved steel rope are just some of the critical safety delivering pieces of a working elevator. KONE needs reliable sensors and machine vision solutions to collect data from elevator components and analyze it for maintenance purposes.

Examples of potential solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

Sensor Solutions for Condition Monitoring

We are interested in sensor solutions that measure sound, heat, pressure, velocity or other relevant features, combined with software to conduct correct mathematical analysis based on elevator mechanics. Do you have solutions that could enhance our monitoring?

Machine Vision Solutions for Condition Monitoring

We are searching for machine vision solutions with sufficient accuracy to predict the condition of steel, plastic, concrete or other relevant materials used in elevator mechanics. Do you offer solutions in this field? Reach out to us!

Novel Approaches to Predictive Maintenance

We are open to hearing examples of cutting-edge, industrial-grade predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and advanced material technology solutions. If you think you can help us, let us know about you!

We are looking for full solutions, combining software and hardware. If your company works with sensors, machine vision, IoT solutions, AI applications, or any hardware and software combining solution that can be used in this case, we want to hear about it. Working with KONE on this gives you the advantage of accelerating your development with their experts, data, and technology. We are serious in creating a long-term partnership with mutual benefits for both parties. And best of all: no hassle, minimal red-tape, and no messing with IP. That’s how we work.

This opportunity is no longer open. See the ongoing Venture Client Opportunities on our Opportunities page.