remote-productivity-advisory 20.02.2019

Remote Productivity Advisory: Scale Stora Enso’s Expertise Globally

Arttu Närhi

Arttu Närhi

Stora Enso is looking to step up their Remote Productivity Advisory services across the market. While already utilizing new technology, the pressure for change is immense. Lars Åkesson, Head of Stora Enso’s Technical Customer Service Central, knows this is a challenge that needs to be faced collaboratively. Just like the current structure of the company’s support mechanism.

The printing industry is becoming leaner: onsite personnel has been relocated as roles have become more centralized, meaning specialized knowledge cannot be found at all sites, all the time.

“Customers are oriented towards efficiency,” Lars explains. “They require higher production rates and fast. We can ensure productivity with the correct machinery settings with the right paper material.”

To achieve this, Stora Enso’s experts and specialists are more often on hand to assist their clients. With Stora Enso taking pride in being able to offer this, it has caught on to the broader market too.

“The trend in the market is servitization,” Lars says. “As we assist our customers in optimizing their machinery, we are able to add service packages on top.”

With remote access to their client’s sites, Lars wants to take the service level one step further. By monitoring the clients’ performance, they would look to develop a solution first in their own products, and later also with paper from other suppliers. Stora Enso is not getting stuck in the short term success exactly for this reason. The face of the industry is in constant flux and what might work for one client doesn’t necessarily do it for another.

“To be able to offer good productivity advice, Stora Enso needs to look at the roots of individual problems,” says Martin Gercke, VP of Technical Service. “A further challenge is that the location of printing responds to price, meaning it can change really quickly.”

In other words, any solution to bring scalable Remote Productivity Advisory to Stora Enso’s clients needs to utilize shared data within the company and the clients. This helps greatly in locations like Eastern Europe, where a lack of local support prolongs following up with clients’ cases.

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