Spring 2019 venture client cycle 19.02.2019

Remote Troubleshooting: Scale your Tech with Stora Enso

Stora Enso’s world-leading engineering team is needed everywhere, where there are consumers using the paper they produce. So far, this has been possible with flights, traditional communication, and uniform troubleshooting processes. To address the ever-changing face of the industry, new approaches in Remote Troubleshooting are called for.

Meet Tomasz Rokicki. He’s the Technical Customer Service Manager for Stora Enso Poland. His job: being the first point of contact for his Polish customers working in printing and paper converting.

“Our customers differ from each other a lot,” Tomasz explains. “We need to be able to understand them better and quickly inspect the specific problems – meaning we need better knowledge management as well.”

The challenge is in offering world-class end products with a great range of variables: printing ink, printing technology, the printers, paper, and other raw materials such as water need to be known of for Stora Enso’s team to be able to address arising problems correctly.

In many instances, Stora Enso’s engineers support local crews in fixing issues on-site. However, over the recent years, the company has been deploying more and more technological solutions to better serve Stora Enso’s clients.

“We are already piloting with sensors our customers’ machinery,” Tomasz says. “So we can find and diagnose the issue more quickly.”

Sensor technology is Stora Enso’s recent innovation goldmine. As they are collecting plenty of data at the moment, they want to utilize it more effectively.

“It started with troubleshooting with the help of digital cameras in the production process,” Martin Gercke, VP of Technical Service at Stora Enso describes their system. “Now we are looking for a solution that can be applied to an even broader range of use cases.”

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