The Foundry Team 09.10.2020

“All my experience comes together in Foundry” – Welcome aboard, Sanni!

Arttu Närhi

Arttu Närhi

2020 has had new faces included in the Foundry team. Our newest addition to the team is Sanni Vilmi, who is joining us as a Business Developer. Already a month into the job, Sanni is finding a way to combine all previous experience in her current role.

Sanni joined the team this August, just in time to plan the upcoming Venture Client Cycle. Her background is a perfect fit for the job, as it combines industry, strategy, and business development from many fields.

“I study Industrial Management and Engineering, majoring in Strategy and Venturing,” Sanni says. “This is the final stretch of my Master’s degree and I’m hoping to graduate next year.”

Sanni has been professionally active throughout her studies. Before joining Foundry, she worked in management consulting and recruitment services. Her most recent job was at Slush, where she worked at the 2019 Helsinki event as a Program Curator. Sanni notes that her entire previous experience comes together in her new role. This has also shown in the wide variety of tasks she has taken on during her first month.

“Working with different parties in a network brings enormous variety to daily routines,” she explains. “For instance, one moment I am sparring with a Foundry company about health tech solutions and the next I am learning from industry experts about data gathering practices.”

In her freetime, Sanni enjoys all manner of outdoor activities and trains for marathons. In fact, she ran her first one just last month. And speaking of accomplishments, she finds Foundry to be the perfect place to do hands-on work in transforming traditional industries.

“I am looking forward to learning all I can working with Foundry companies’ executives and experts, startup founders, and other ecosystem players,” Sanni summarizes. “I believe business has a key role to play in solving enduring global challenges. I want to make sure Foundry works towards these goals too.”