Past Opportunities 25.05.2021

What Can your Company Create with Scania's Industry Leading Sustainable Transport Solutions?

Scania joins their first 2021 venture client cycle with five new opportunities in battery electric vehicles, fleet management, automated dispatch systems, driver safety and connected goods.

When we talk about sustainable transport solutions, we mean far more than truck engines and bus chassis. Sure, they are a critical part of any transport solution, but today’s original equipment manufacturers offer much more than hardware. Scania is committed to driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system. This includes developing solutions for low-carbon transport, autonomous systems, connected and electrified vehicles. With top-notch hardware and software, Scania aims to tap into new opportunities by offering comprehensive solutions to its customers and partners.

We also recognize that sometimes the best solutions for these areas might be out there outside of the company. To reach these solutions, we have launched five opportunities addressing the core needs of these strategic development areas. We seek the best-in-class companies and founders to co-develop new solutions with us and speed up our mutual time-to-market. Read more about our past opportunities in the links below.

Transport Flow Balancer with LOTS Group

Scania and their subsidiary LOTS Group work to optimize the dispatching of connected vehicles for the benefit of their customers and the environment. If you can contribute to balancing transport supply and demand to maximize vehicle utilization and minimize transport cycle-time in heavy-industry use cases, get in touch today.

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Digital Thread of Connected Goods in Transport with Scania

At Scania, colleagues are developing and enabling the automation of digital, sustainable end-to-end supply chains and logistics. If you work on solutions that contribute to developing connected digital threads of goods and articles in smart transport, check out this opportunity.

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Driver Safety with ADAS and Level 3+ Autonomy with Scania

The progress in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving capabilities in commercial and heavy vehicles creates new needs and requirements for driver monitoring systems. If you can contribute to developing the next generation of driver and passenger monitoring systems, submit your solution for this opportunity.

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Transport Management for BEV Fleets with Scania

Battery electric vehicle (BEV) operated fleets and transport assignments have different dynamics than traditional internal combustion engine based fleets. If you work on new BEV-focused transport management solutions that help our customers in planning and executing their BEV-based transport missions in an optimal way, read more below.

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Charging Management for BEVs with Scania

Large-scale adoption and operation of battery electric vehicle fleets requires a solid and robust charging management system. If your solution contributes to charging optimization or development of charging management services, we would like to hear from you.

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