Slush 2018 23.11.2018

Six Industrial Giants Hacking #slush18 Together

Together with six large Nordic corporates, in less than two weeks, we are heading towards the brightest event in Helsinki Slush “where 20,000 tech-heads meet for more than inspiration”. As a cohort of Epiroc, KONE, Konecranes, Saab, Scania and Stora Enso, we are looking forward to meeting the best-in-class startups present at #slush18 to team up and create global joint partnerships!

The philosophy behind Slush has remained the same over 11 years – to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward. In 2017, Slush attracted over 2,600 startups, 1,600 investors, and 600 journalists from over 130 countries to Helsinki to, as they describe themselves, kick it with like-minded tech-heads while experiencing the phenomenal atmosphere. This year we are teaming up with six Nordic industrial leaders Epiroc, KONE, Konecranes, SAAB, Scania and Stora Enso to head towards Slush and explore the latest technologies, as well as find top partners to collaborate with. The two-day event is held in Helsinki between December 4 –5th, 2018.

But who we are looking to meet at #slush18?

Epiroc, as a developer and producer of innovative drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, is looking for intelligent industrial maintenance technologies, solutions for product identification, ideas regarding image recognition for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, as well as edge analytics without connectivity.

KONE, as a company dedicated to People Flow and improvement of urban life, is looking for smart building applications for their end-users, solutions for robotics in automated logistics, video analytics in the context of People Flow, as well as unseen ideas to boost People Flow experience and make journeys even safer.

Konecranes, as a global player in overhead crane industry with the largest service network and a complete range of lifting equipment, is looking for solutions for intelligent industrial maintenance, digital twin information, human-machine interaction, smart ports and container logistics.

Saab, as a company keeping people and society safe, is looking for new ways to simulate human-machine interaction, ideas for energy and weight-efficient systems, or even system-of-systems, as well as technologies for sensor fusion.

Scania, as a provider of sustainable transportation solutions, is looking for new ways for data management and business intelligence, innovative tools to improve employees’ experience, as well as unseen solutions to improve B2B digital marketing and operational efficiency.

Stora Enso, the renewable materials company, is looking for new ways to find data-based customer insights, intelligent industrial maintenance technologies, active tracking and data loggers for transparent supply chain, as well as unexplored new digital services for customers in the forest industry.

These opportunities are no longer open. See the ongoing Venture Client Opportunities on our Opportunities page.