Past Opportunities 21.01.2021

The Spring Foundry Cycle of 2021 is Live! Take a Look at These 10 Business Opportunities

We launched the Spring 2021 cycle with KONE, Stora Enso, and newest Foundry company Autoliv. The cycle featured 10 unique business opportunities for startups.

Today, we are launching the first Foundry cycle of 2021. We are proud to present startups with new business opportunities from KONE and Stora Enso. Also, we are thrilled to introduce Autoliv as the newest Foundry company. As the industry leader in automotive safety, selling to all major automotive manufacturers in the world, we are kicking off Autoliv’s Venture Client debut with five new business opportunities related to their strategic goals.

This brings the total number of opportunities to 10, making the cycle one of the biggest we’ve ever had. So take a moment to look through these opportunities and don’t hesitate to submit your solution for more than one. Many have similar topics and your offering might overlap with several of them!

Lightweight Materials for Increased Safety with Autoliv

Autoliv’s offering includes seatbelts, airbags and other safety solutions with mechanical components they manufacture themselves. We are seeking new materials to increase their cost-effectiveness, performance and sustainability

Supply Chain of the Future with Autoliv

Autoliv is looking to make their global supply chain management more transparent and automated. To achieve this, we have identified opportunities in transparency, removing manual work shipping processes, and packaging engineering.

Mark and Scan Components in Manufacturing with Autoliv

Autoliv strives to perfect manufacturing processes and product documentation. Their systems exchange data with upstream suppliers and customers to improve the overall traceability and efficiency of the value chain. Do you have ideas how to improve these further?

Steering Wheel Manufacturing Automation with Autoliv

Building steering wheels is a precise and manual art. Production line operators can take up to an hour to glue and sew the wrapping on the final product. It’s this work we are looking to make even safer and more efficient.

Real-Time Quality Inspection in Manufacturing with Autoliv

We want Autoliv’s skilled production line operators to receive real-time and accurate feedback on how their actions affect end-product quality. We envision an adaptive learning system that crunches different sensory inputs to provide feedback. 

Low Carbon Circular Materials by KONE

KONE has set a target to cut down product-related emissions by 40%. To achieve this, KONE is targeting emissions in product lifetime energy use and materials by further improving energy efficiency and product material circularity.

Digital Enablers to Minimize Corporate GHG Emissions with KONE

Knowing the CO2 heavy phases of a product’s life helps for making the best decisions. We are looking for digital enablers that can make KONE operations more sustainable through easily accessible data, displayed on dedicated dashboards.

Virtual Lab for Circularity Co-Creation with Stora Enso

Customers come to Stora Enso to help them replace materials with renewable alternatives, which is why Stora Enso co-creates packaging with them to fulfil their needs. However, most of this work is done manually. We are looking to build a digital tool to do it.

Radical Supply Chain Transparency with Stora Enso

We want to create a platform that provides visualized summaries of the Stora Enso supply chain for their stakeholders. Now we are looking for the help of your digital solution to make it happen.

Ensuring Product Authenticity with Packaging by Stora Enso

One particular challenge for ecommerce is ensuring product authenticity. More deliveries means added risk to either counterfeiting products or package tampering during transit. In other words, retailers wish to recreate the secure buying experience their customers are used to in-store.

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions.