Fall 2018 venture client cycle 21.09.2018

Stora Enso Wood Products: Make Living Healthier, Safer and More Affordable

Stora Enso brings wood material closer to urban living, shaping the future of urban construction industry with their versatile and innovative wood-based solutions for everyday living and housing. Stora Enso’s Wood Products capture the growth opportunity in all areas of urban construction, from load-bearing structures to interior design, all addressing the needs of current megatrends – urbanisation, eco-awareness, healthy living and digitalisation. The Wood Products division operates globally with annual sales worth of 1.7 billion EUR in 2017.

After beginning their collaboration with planet intelligence company 20tree.ai last spring, Stora Enso is looking for the most innovative startups with brand new ideas to make the future buildings and living healthier, safer and more affordable. No matter whether the solution concentrates on the building itself or improves the quality of life for its’ residents, it should be driven by data and enrich both physical and digital user-experience. It is up to the startup which technology they bring to the table, as long as it creates value for residents or/and property investors of wooden buildings.

Our first questions for you, Founders, are ‘How can data help us to predict problems before they get serious? How can we guarantee that the wooden structures are safe and long-lasting? Stora Enso is looking for ideas for the measuring devices (sensor itself) which could be embedded into wooden elements to track their conditions during their lifetime and adjust preventive maintenance accordingly.

The next challenge we present to you is ‘How can data help us to create a healthier living environment?’ Obtaining more relevant data from the living environment, especially from the materials, indoor air quality and health aspects, it might be proven that wood plays an important role in healthy living. Help Stora Enso to find interesting dependencies and create new valuable services for people on a journey towards healthy living available for all.

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