Past Opportunities 21.01.2021

How Does Your Company Help Stora Enso Achieve Net-Zero and Circularity Goals?

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Sustainable and circular materials are at the core of Stora Enso’s business. To kick off 2021, we have three new opportunities for startups to work with the company. All of them provide a different approach to sustainability. 

As all of the business needs come from Stora Enso’s customers’ needs, the potential for scaling your solution is great. Read more about these past business opportunities in the links below.

Virtual Lab for Circularity Co-Creation 

Non-renewable materials are increasingly replaced by renewable and recyclable alternatives. Customers come to Stora Enso for help with  this, which is why Stora Enso constantly co-creates packaging with customers  to fulfil their needs. However, most of this work is done   manually – the process needs to be digitized.

What adds on to the manual work is the amount of choices: Stora Enso’s Packaging Solutions division offers a broad variety of materials and services to several industries. Making this process efficient is also the perfect opportunity to bring clients closer to Stora Enso, thus creating new business opportunities by providing services and knowledge alongside the products.

We have an opportunity to drive sustainable decisions among Stora Enso’s customers through this digital smart recommendation tool. In brief, if you have an AI solution that could be able to understand customer needs and renewable material characteristics, this is your opportunity to have an impact on the packaging industry 

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Radical Supply Chain Transparency

Stora Enso’s products are often low-carbon alternatives to solutions used in, for example, building, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and textile industries. It is our firm belief that anything that’s made with fossil-based materials today can be produced from a tree tomorrow. 

Suppliers of Stora Enso’s resources, including recycled pulp and paper, chemicals, energy, and services, go through a thorough evaluation process. However, often the supply chain becomes so complex that it is difficult to understand the net effect for each final product or company using Stora Enso’s materials.

To create radical transparency in their supply chain, we want to create a platform that provides visualized summary for our stakeholders. Stora Enso wants to be a pioneer in making this extremely transparent to their customers and now we are looking for the help of your digital solution to make it happen.

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Ensuring Product Authenticity with Packaging

Stora Enso has many premium retail brands among their clients. With the pandemic giving a further boost to eCommerce, brick-and-mortar store sales are being swapped for online purchases at an increasing rate. This is the case for all retailers, so eCommerce packaging is in demand.

One of the particular challenges is ensuring product authenticity. More deliveries means added risk to either counterfeiting products or package tampering during transit. In other words, retailers wish to recreate the secure buying experience their customers are used to in-store. 

Stora Enso as an industry leader in renewable packaging is one of the best players to tackle these challenges. With product design and customer centricity in focus , Stora Enso is looking to create more valuable packaging solutions to increase their clients’ brand integrity. This naturally has a sustainable impact as well, as it minimizes unnecessary shipments. 

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