Past Opportunities 28.04.2021

The Summer 2021 Venture Client Cycle is Live! Founders, Submit your Solutions by May 31st

Autoliv, Husqvarna Group, Scania and Stora Enso joined the summer 2021 venture client cycle

Having wrapped up our record breaking Spring cycle, it's time to keep the heat up. Today, Combient Foundry has launched the largest cycle to date. We have more participating Foundry companies than ever before: Autoliv, Scania, Stora Enso, and the newest full Foundry member Husqvarna Group. Together, the teams from these companies have brought forth 13 new business opportunities. All are seeking founders and their teams for partnerships, ideally for the long term. 

Startups have the chance to join industry leading companies in solving challenges faced by industries. The topics cover electrification and energy, autonomous technologies, supply chain solutions, material innovation, and sustainability, to name a few. Read more about these past opportunities in the links below.

Stora Enso opportunities

Stora Enso is an industry leader in the renewable materials industry. They approach sustainability with both material innovation and novel digital tools. This cycle features one opportunity for each approach - check them out!

Technologies for Circular Value Sharing with Stora Enso

At Stora Enso, we are working towards a circular economy, where waste is minimized as materials are reused and recycled to maximize environmental and financial value. Our efforts in enabling a circular economy include using renewable raw materials, designing circular products and business models and utilizing waste, side streams, and by-products for new products. Now we are looking for technology providers to explore new business opportunities in this field.

Novel coating materials and methods with Stora Enso

Stora Enso is looking to broaden its range of coating solutions and surface treatment technologies that could be applied to food packaging. We are developing new generations of bio-based and renewable food packaging solutions, that can not only preserve the food properties, but also enable recyclability and/or reusability of the packaging material. Therefore, we are looking into materials and technologies from other industries as well to find the most groundbreaking innovations.

Scania opportunities

Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions with 50,000 employees in about 100 countries. Together with our partners and customers we are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system. In this cycle, they have five new opportunities, one including their subsidiary LOTS Group. Take a look! 

Digital Thread of Connected Goods in Transport with Scania

At Scania, we are developing and enabling the automation of digital, sustainable end-to-end supply chains and logistics. If you work on solutions that contribute to developing connected digital threads of goods and articles in smart transport, be sure to be in touch with us!

Driver Safety with ADAS and Level 3+ Autonomy with Scania

The progress in ADAS and self-driving capabilities in commercial and heavy vehicles creates new needs and requirements for driver monitoring systems. If you can contribute to developing the next generation of driver and passenger monitoring systems, be sure to be in touch with us!

Charging Management for BEVs with Scania

Large-scale adoption and operation of BEV fleets requires a solid and robust charging management system. If your solution contributes to charging optimization or development of charging management services, we would like to hear more from you!

Transport Management for BEV Fleets with Scania

BEV operated fleets and transport assignments have different dynamics than traditional ICE-based fleets. If you work on new BEV-focused transport management solutions that help our customers in planning and executing their BEV-based transport missions in optimal way, be in touch with us!

Transport Flow Balancer with LOTS Group

LOTS Group provides industry leading transport services by blending the latest technologies with the Lean-Production System pioneered at Scania. We are paving the way to autonomous solutions by digitizing our global heavy-industry transport operations. 

Our focus for the case is optimizing the dispatch management of our connected vehicles. If your team can help us balance our customers’ demand with our supply capabilities, maximizing vehicle utilization while minimizing transport cycle-times, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Husqvarna Group Opportunities

Husqvarna Group is a leading global producer of sustainable products and services for people who shape green spaces and urban environments around the world. Operating in over 100 countries, the two opportunities launched today focus on reaching their clients in new ways, all with sustainability in mind. Check out the opportunities below.

Next level customer interaction with Husqvarna Group

On a daily basis we engage in digital touchpoints with thousands of our professional and consumer customers. We are now searching for new technologies and solutions that will take our customer interaction to the next level by enabling customer self-service and education. These customer interaction solutions can be based on smartphones, smart tags attached to our equipment, or other scalable technologies. What do you have to offer in this space?

Enable new service offerings with zero administration for Husqvarna Group

In the future we imagine us to also offer related services, many times delivered through a network of contributing partners. Delivering modular advanced services with a distributed approach at scale is a complex set up. To make it work we need the right enabling tools and platforms that allow us to be in control and manage all aspects without adding administration. We are especially looking for solutions to enable last-mile service delivery, smart contracts, and service order management. We would like to hear from your offering in these areas!

Autoliv Opportunities

Autoliv is the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. With sales to all major car manufacturers, Autoliv employs more than 68,000 associates around the world and saves >30,000 lives a year. We are guided by our vision of Saving More Lives, underpinned by our commitment for innovation and agile organisation. Check out the four Autoliv opportunities below.

Workflow Digitalization and Automation with Autoliv

To accelerate our progress into a more digitalised, lean and agile organisation, we are reaching out to innovative technology companies that can help us achieve workflow digital transformation, end-to-end process mapping and organisational process automation. Do you have any good solutions for us?

Personalized Connected Safety Services with Autoliv

We are reaching out to innovative companies with solutions to continue our path of furthering our best in class coaching bot, DARCY. We are looking for any new innovative solutions to solve the intelligence and deep learning of a bot to truly become an individual experience for any driver, irrespective of experience, culture or surrounding.

Real-Time Energy Consumption Monitoring & Optimization with Autoliv

We aim to limit our environmental impact particularly through reduction of energy use, water consumption, generation of waste and CO2 emissions. We are looking to identify solutions and technologies to monitor and optimize energy consumption at plant, line and machine level, possibly across several of our product lines, to drive down energy use and associated cost. What solutions and technologies do you have to offer in this space?

Recycling Excess Manufacturing Materials with Autoliv

To accelerate our journey towards a more sustainable future, we are now looking for new solutions to recycling and re-using remnant production materials from our operations. We have identified opportunities in re-using excess polyurethane foam, as well as cut-out leather materials, both generated in our steering wheel manufacturing process. We are interested to hear from innovative material technology companies who could use our materials to produce value added products possibly for not only the automotive, but other industries as well.

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions.