Summer 2022 cycle 29.04.2022

New business opportunities with Atlas Copco, Autoliv, KONE, Scania, and Stora Enso are now open!

Startups and scaleups, you have until May 29th to share why your solution is what our companies need to advance in areas such as machine vision, material innovation, logistics, or battery charging.

Today, we have launched the latest venture client business opportunities. Open to startups and scaleups all over the world, this open call has eight opportunities in a wide range of fields. They are all strategic priorities for our companies, which means your team has a remarkable chance to work on your product and roadmap with industry leading experts, and take the first step in signing a major client. 

Below you can find the descriptions for each opportunity. If any of them look like your company’s domain of expertise, submit your proposal for a joint-development solution by May 29th! If any of these raise questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on

Augmented worker guidance with Atlas Copco

Large industrial assembly processes can be optimized further, if colleagues working on the line have all the support they need. Atlas Copco ISRA VISION, part of the Machine Vision Solutions division, is looking for augmented worker guidance solutions to enable untrained or less trained persons to conduct specific and non-repetitive tasks and ensure high quality output.

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Compostable barrier solutions with Stora Enso

Food packaging poses many interesting business challenges: not only do they need to preserve the foods’ properties, but ideally they should be made of materials that can be reused or reclaimed. Stora Enso seeks innovative renewable barrier solutions that are industrially and/or home compostable providing ultimately compostable and/or recyclable food packaging at scale.

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Computer Vision Platform with Scania

Machine learning solutions have incredible potential to improve production automation. Scania has a need for a computer vision platform to automate manual work and to ensure quality within production and logistics. We seek solutions that can improve process quality and enable employees to focus on tasks where their competence has the biggest impact.

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Customizable Seatbelts with Autoliv

If you get in a car today, your seatbelt most likely will not differ from another one in any other vehicle. We are looking to change that, as Autoliv seeks novel ways to produce colored and decorated seat belts that could replace traditional seatbelt dying and enable to fully customize the visual appearance. 

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Improved Work Ergonomics with Atlas Copco

Employee health and safety is a high priority in all industrial working environments. Atlas Copco wants to improve the work ergonomics of their assembly workstation operators. The scope includes managing and monitoring working ergonomics holistically including all relevant physical and cognitive aspects.

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New Cloud Offerings with Atlas Copco

Modern Industrial Technique solutions include vast hardware and software capabilities. Atlas Copco ISRA VISION wants to expand their product portfolio with supplementary products and services in the cloud that can create new business value for industrial customers.

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Product Tracking Automation with Autoliv

As Autoliv distributes their life-saving products around the globe, it is important to have accurate tracking of where goods were sent and the timing of distribution. Our goal is to find an innovative automatic method for capturing the distribution information. 

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Wireless Charging for Elevators with KONE

Elevators can be built with batteries to power the elevator car systems. In order to make this as efficient as possible, contactless charging solutions are needed. KONE is looking for solution providers developing innovative wireless power transmission systems to help KONE charge elevator car batteries at higher power, with more energy and better cost-efficiency than currently available systems. 

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If any of these seem like a direct match for your company, you can submit your solution right away!