Summer 2023 Venture Client Cycle 27.04.2023

We've launched 7 new business opportunities with Atlas Copco, Autoliv, Husqvarna Group, and SKF!

Today, we've launched new opportunities to accelerate the co-creation of new tech and offerings. Speed up your time to market with the Foundry companies and get in touch by May 28th!

Today, we've kicked off the latest month-long open call for startups, scaleups, and all types of growth companies. The goal is the same as always: to scope out potential long-term partnerships between the global industry leaders and best-in-class startups dominating their niches.

In this summer's cycle, we've released business opportunities focusing on connected smart tools, fuel cell technologies, manufacturing sustainability and efficiency, sustainable polymers, and much more. Read about each opportunity below and submit your solution by May 28th!

Connected Bolting Tools with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Bolting Solutions is a part of our Industrial Technique business area. We are a leading provider of bolt-tightening solutions for the wind energy sector. With this opportunity, we aim to make our bolt-tightening tools connected in the field to help improve quality and productivity in the wind industry.

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Real-Time 3D Screening with Autoliv

Autoliv is the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive protective systems for all the major automotive OEMs. We are committed to operating our business at the highest level of quality and at the most efficient cost possible. Currently, the 3D screening of objects and products are done with multiple different technologies such as cameras, laser sensors, and other quality assurance methods. With this opportunity, we are looking for novel solutions to 3D scan parts rapidly, accurately, and at a low cost.

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Sustainable Polymers with Autoliv

Autoliv is the world's leading manufacturer of automotive protective systems for all major automotive OEMs. We use various polymers in automotive safety applications such as airbags, steering wheels, and seats. As the ecological footprint becomes increasingly important for the automotive industry, our aim is to find alternatives to the currently used polymers, rubber, and related glass fiber fillers with reduced GHG emission intensity.

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Fuel Cell Technologies to Power Small Work Machinery with Husqvarna Group

Husqvarna Group is exploring how hydrogen energy technology and fuel cell solutions could serve as an alternative to fossil fuels powering power tools and small work machines.

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Optimizing Grinding Efficiency through Torque Analysis with SKF

SKF is a world leader in rolling bearings and related technologies. As a prominent industrial player, the work towards improving manufacturing processes is constant and ambitious. Now, SKF is looking for solutions to extract and analyze more data from the grinding spindle to optimize the metal grinding process further, reduce scrap loss, rework, and increase overall equipment efficiency.

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Remanufacturing Return Flow Platform with SKF

SKF wants to encourage more customers to remanufacture their used bearings instead of replacing them, extending their lifespan of the bearings, promoting eco-friendliness, and reducing waste. To make this happen, SKF is looking for platform solutions to provide an easy-to-use and smooth end-to-end tool that can significantly boost the customer experience and encourage customers to adopt circularity.

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Sensor Platform for Oil Recycling Filters with SKF

SKF has developed the RecondOil Box, which removes nanoparticle contaminants and restores oil lubricants to a "like new" state of cleanliness to facilitate the reuse of industrial oils. To optimize the predictive maintenance of the oil filters in the application, SKF now seeks solutions to monitor the condition remotely using sensors rather than having to process oil samples at laboratory facilities.

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