Venture clienting produces results - just ask the members of our alliance

Our venture client alliance of industry leaders is focused on decreasing time-to-market in solving tangible business needs with most innovative startups. Our high success rate in implementing solutions results from a shared methodology and knowledge-sharing between our partner companies Atlas Copco, Autoliv, Epiroc, Husqvarna Group, KONE, Scania, and Stora Enso. Startups also benefit from more and better-laid opportunities when corporations spread the word about their success within our network.

Startups are an enduringly important source of corporate innovation. It’s a good thing too, as it produces results both in speed and scalability in implementing novel solutions in industrial context. We at Foundry have co-created a method with our partner companies to implement solutions three-to-six times faster than through traditional means, saving on costs and precious time. And we are improving these results even further by having all our member companies working closely together, sharing insights and best practices. By sharing information, synergies and results become much more tangible a lot faster. 

You can hear about them directly from our extended colleagues of our partner companies, that work together with startups, on our latest video.

For corporations, we see continuous work on speeding up development is also what sets them apart from the competition. When goals are set for long-term success, and the journey is shared with like-minded peers, results like we have seen are not merely possible but far more likely. We are just getting started, and we’ll keep pushing the numbers higher and higher as we go forward.

Interested in learning more about Combient Foundry? Get in touch with Lauri on lauri.lehtovuori@combient.com and let’s have a chat.