Combient Foundry is looking for a Venture Client Analyst Intern to join the growing team in early 2021. Check out what we’re looking for in a future team member here.


Last week, we announced a new internship opportunity. Targeted for students finishing up their bachelor’s studies, or going strong in their master’s, the position is ideally for 12-16 weeks in early 2021. The deadline to apply is November 23rd, 2020.

The job description details the key aspects of what we are looking for from the applicants. But let’s take a more personal moment here: what features our future team member might possess, beyond their professional skills?

Foundry works at a fast pace, with projects being started with several teams from different corporations, industries and country organizations involved. Throw the most talented startup teams into the equation, with their own hectic environment, and you can imagine how decisions need to be made, quickly. 

The type of person we find would be most comfortable in Foundry is one who takes ownership of their territory early on. They need to be able to use good judgement in a fast-paced environment, take a lead in their own tasks and make sense of situations even when ambiguous. However, when the situation requires, no one is left alone and we all help one another. Crisp communication and an ability to give and take feedback are a must. All of this precludes a high degree of respect towards anyone you work with, and being professional and bold to improve yourself.

Of course, with high demands comes high payouts. Like said, we work with many different parties; this is a setting you will not find everywhere, much less as an intern. Working collaboratively, you will have a chance to capture insights from both sides of the table where startups and corporations co-create smart building solutions, digitalizing wooden buildings, or develop autonomous transportation systems. Taking ownership also means that you will be given a lot of responsibility early on. You can read more about our team members’ experience, for example, in these blogs with Elina and Sanni

Got questions about the internship? Feel free to contact me on with any that come to mind. I’m happy to continue the discussion from here.


Currently, we do not have open internship positions available. Please follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date about our recruitment.