Venture Client Approach

We offer venture-backed startups the chance to acquire a global corporation as their client. No IP, no equity, no hassle; that’s Foundry’s way of working.

Why use the Venture Client Approach?

We are committed to working with the best startups under our Venture Client Approach. This means, the opportunities you see on our website are the deal. We’ve made sure behind each opportunity there is a business owner, required resources, bandwidth and will to start working with you right away.

Combient Foundry associated companies aim to be early adopters of the most innovative technologies developed by startups. That is why we want to be among your earliest customers, with a risk-taking, forward-looking mindset.

  Real business

All our offered opportunities have a business owner, budget, time allocation, and readiness to begin work once an agreement is made. This means we are interested in starting with you immediately.

  Save time

You will have the chance to take part in our Value Proposition Days (VPD): a co-creative, one-and-a-half-day workshop with your future clients’ business owners. Following that, we will let you know how we would like to continue our relationship with you.

  Scale fast

The project’s first phase begins immediately after the Value Proposition Days. Scaling ends typically in the global roll-out of your solutions – that’s phase two.

  No hassle

You keep your equity and IP of the solution, and we give you a globally recognized, revenue paying client. It’s that straightforward.

We Are Here to Help


Expedited purchase order templates

The expedited purchase order will ensure you get to work as soon as possible.

Projects with executive backing

The cases presented in the Combient Foundry Venture Client Cycles all have backing from key decision-makers in the companies.

Free of charge for participating startups

We do not take any fees from you at any point in the cycle. Neither do the companies take your IP or ask for equity.

The Next Venture Client Cycle Begins in April

Leave your information with us and we'll be in touch when a good opportunity arises