Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions. Together with our partners and customers we are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

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Innovation partnerships at Scania

Scania and the transport industry are currently facing the biggest change since the beginning of the 20th century with the approaching shift to electrified and self-driving vehicles.

These exciting times bring many challenges to solve and opportunities to catch as we develop the products, services and business models needed for Scania to meet and drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. 

At Scania, we are looking at different paths to drive change, both within our own production and logistics as well as with regards to the new solutions we offer to our customers. Several of these paths include joining forces with other players to co-develop new solutions.

The pace of change is fast in areas like automation and artificial intelligence and the upside in deploying these technologies is great in terms of efficiency. So far, the efficiency gains in creating, visualising and using industrial data and data from vehicles in use are largely still untapped. The potential of the digital revolution, in combination with electrification and automation, is huge in the ecosystem of transport and logistics and it does not only make business sense but it also supports the transformation to sustainable transport.

As much as we would like to, we can’t change the world of transport by ourselves. We need to work with the different parts of the ecosystem within strong partnerships.

So come and join us on the journey towards a sustainable transport system!

Meet the Scania team

Our work, together

We believe that autonomous vehicles and intelligent management systems form the key cornerstones for future transport solutions. With the help of our well-advanced, cutting edge technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity we are continuously developing new solutions for transport operators all around the world. 

Together, we can help transport operators in optimizing and orchestrating the vehicle flow of entire fleets and remote monitoring of vehicles. 

If you are working in the autonomous vehicle industry or are a professional in teleoperation or fleet network operations, let us hear from you!

Mikael Cato

Chief Digital Officer of Scania

Karin Gustafsson

Digital Portfolio Manager at Scania

Jimmy Selling

Business Analyst, Autonomous Solutions at Scania Group

Opportunities by Scania

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Green Plug-and-Play Fleet Orchestrator for Operations 24/7 by Scania

Autonomous transport systems need a real-time, intelligent fleet orchestrator that monitors, creates and updates the operational plan. If you are building one, let us hear from you!

Remote Assessment in Autonomous Transport Solutions by Scania

Autonomous transport systems need to be monitored and remote operators must be able to interact with the vehicles. If your solution can help us to remotely assess autonomous vehicles, shoot us a message!

Autonomous Fleet Vehicle Flow Optimization by Scania

Does your solution help in optimizing the autonomous vehicle flow in complex environments at a vehicle level? Let us hear from you!

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