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Join Foundry’s exclusive network and accelerate your growth. Experience unparalleled opportunities to scale rapidly with top global industry leaders. Our network is tailored for market-ready startups seeking to collaborate with the most prominent organizations, offering a platform to grow at an unmatched pace.

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Foundry is on a perpetual search for startups with groundbreaking technologies ready to scale worldwide. Our unique and hands-on approach facilitates strategic partnerships with industry leaders, setting growth companies on a path to influence industry decisions and attain global impact.


Real sales

Gain immediate access to a powerful alliance of industrial corporations, encompassing 420k professionals and a combined net revenue of €120 billion. This translates into real, tangible sales opportunities for your startup, opening doors to substantial markets and high-impact collaborations.

No equity

Working with Foundry means your innovations remain entirely your own. We facilitate growth and partnerships without taking any equity, ensuring you retain full control and ownership of your company development.

No fees

Experience a partnership that’s all about your growth, with no hidden costs. We do not charge any fees, allowing you to benefit fully from the opportunities Foundry provides.


We streamline the process of connecting you with major industry players. Each opportunity comes with a dedicated team, allocated budget, and internal support, ensuring swift and impactful partnership initiations. Along the way, we support you in refining your value prop to the industrial needs.

Focus areas

Work with global market leaders

The companies you’ll work with include global market leaders in industries such as renewable materials, transport solutions, automotive safety, people flow and mining

Collaborating with Foundry members increases your visibility and integrates your innovations into large-scale, real-world applications. It’s more than a partnership; it’s about becoming a vital part of an industry’s evolution, contributing to significant advancements, and redefining market trends. Our approach means your startup won’t just join the industry conversation—it will lead it.

100m+ opportunities created

Embark on a journey with Foundry where potential meets opportunity. Our network has facilitated over €100 million in project opportunities, offering startups like yours a with a vast playground to innovate and grow. These opportunities span diverse industries, providing a unique platform for startups to apply their technologies in numerous real-world scenarios and a chance to make a tangible impact on a global scale.

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“I wish every company we engaged with had set up something like this”

Qasar Younis
CEO, Co-Founder, Applied Intuition