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Startup - grow with us!

We are the Venture Client Unit for 30 industry-leading Nordic corporations.
We partner with the best-in-class startups from around the world to transform tomorrow’s industries.

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Our Venture Client Cycle

We are looking for the most innovative startups around the world to co-create financially sound new solutions and form long-term business partnerships with global industry leaders. Read more about the current business opportunities below.

Smart Low-Emission Mobility by KONE

As cities are growing and becoming more congested, urban areas require sustainable and smart mobility solutions. To ensure our ability to serve our customers in an increasingly urbanized world, we want to transform our maintenance operations to make better use of smart, low- or zero-emission mobility. Do you have the right solution that can help bring the best service to our customers and contribute to well-being in future cities?

#sustainability, #smart-mobility, #logistics, #optimization, #electrification, #regulation, #maintenance, #urban-mobility, #low-emission, #carbon-footprint

Predictive Maintenance for Elevator Mechanics by KONE

We are looking for partners to develop solutions to improve preventive maintenance, help it get smarter and improve the customer experience.

#predictive-maintenance, #lifecycle-management, #condition-monitoring, #sensors, #hardware, #mechanics, #materials

Freshbar – Autonomous and Modular Marketplaces for Fresh Snacks by Fazer & Stora Enso

Snacking is one of the fastest growing food industries today. We want to create Freshbar with customer experience and satisfaction in its core. The potential for success is expanded when including the most up-to-date analytics and data solutions to elevate the customer experience, increase flexibility in supply chain, add further convenience, and minimize food waste,

#snacking, #autonomousretail, #supply chain, #logistics, #smartretail, #customerengagment, #data analytics

HEAL – Digitalizing the Building Industry by Stora Enso

We aim to create a solid toolbox with digital products and services that can benefit the building industry throughout several stakeholders across the value chain. Whether you are capable of collaborating around data or a new planning tool, we are open to your solution, as long as it takes the building industry towards an innovative, more efficient and sustainable future.

#building, #healthyliving, #wood, #mixedreality, #virtaulreality, #augumentedreality, #renewablematerials

We Connect You with Industry Leaders

We are the Venture Client Unit for 30 large industrial leaders. 

Combient Foundry brings together leading Nordic companies, tech startups on a global growth path, and in-depth industry expertise to co-create financially solid services and solutions in long-term business partnerships.


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About Combient

A €150B Market Opportunity

Combient is a select group of 30 leading global enterprises. Our partner companies operate in a variety of industries ranging from aerospace and defense to pulp and paper, from manufacturing to financial services.

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