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The Foundry companies are global market leaders of their industries. With centuries of experience, they are the perfect partners to explore new business opportunities with your team.

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We will guide you through the venture client cycle with minimum hassle and no red tape. We do not ask for IP or equity; that’s Foundry’s way of working.

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Qasar Younis
Founder & CEO of Applied Intuition, Former COO & Partner at Y Combinator

Combient exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I wish every company we engaged with had set up something like this -- not only was the process direct and transparent, it was fast. Really impressive.

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Natalia Rincon
Co-founder and CEO at CHAOS

When matching corporates and startups, one of the most time consuming tasks is finding customers’ real needs. Combient Foundry is the first of its kind to connect startups with customers that have a real and concrete needs. If anything, I would recommend startups to forget about accelerators and focus in customer validation, this is something that Combient Foundry excels at. Highly recommended!

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Indra den Bakker
Co-Founder of

We would highly recommend other startups to participate in a Venture Client Cycle. When you can address a real and concrete business need for the customer, we would not hesitate to apply!

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Kristian Rode
CCO at SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S

We found a good match with KONE’s search for new approaches to predictive maintenance. Combient Foundry has been part of the whole process, from making it easy to join and screening propositions, to hosting the meetings and taking part in facilitating the scoping phase. We have a really good impression of Combient Foundry and their work to help new technology companies meet large industrial companies. In other words, it has been a pleasure working with them.

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Jaakko Kaidesoja
President of Imagine Intelligent Materials

The Combient Foundry Cycle is a great forum for a startup to get access to the relevant decision-makers. After two meetings, we already have a plan for a POC and practical steps in further partnership with Stora Enso... This is a very efficient use of time.

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Miikka Rosendahl
Founder & CEO of ZOAN

We build the best VR solutions for construction space in Europe, USA and Brazil, and it is truly a privilege to work with a global industry-leader such as KONE on this new front. Foundry served as an essential part of forming great connections between us and KONE decision-makers. Thanks Foundry team!

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Dr. Christoph Amma
CEO & Co-Founder Kinemic GmbH

We build a ground-breaking gesture control wearable company and are honored that KONE chose to go forward and collaborate with us to investigate how we can meet a real-life business need. Combient Foundry is really focused on bringing startups and world-leading corporates together to build lasting value!

Adam Phillips
VP, Business Development for Sixgill, LLC

By working shoulder-to-shoulder with KONE on the development of a real-world proof of concept, we gained great insight into the Smart Construction market and the solutions our platform can deliver - I would definitely recommend Foundry to other companies.

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Ville Heikkilä
VP, Sales & Marketing of Kaltiot

Combient Foundry’s offering had a great fit with our growth targets and there was a clear focus on getting a common project done.

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Why do we partner startups with corporations?

The world is full of startups. Working with the best ones, with a great team, cutting edge technology, and the will to solve global industrial problems will yield better and smarter results in solving industry-spanning challenges. This is why Combient and the Combient Companies have established Combient Foundry: to pursue mutually beneficial projects that have an impact where it counts.

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