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About Combient Foundry

Combient Foundry is a global venture client alliance for industry-leading companies and founders to make deals that scale

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Enable new service offerings with zero administration for Husqvarna Group

To make delivering modular advanced services work, we need the right tools without adding administration

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Personalized Connected Safety Services with Autoliv

We seek to partner with innovative companies to further develop our best-in-class coaching bot

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Technologies for Circular Value Sharing with Stora Enso

We are developing a circular economy, where waste is minimized as materials are reused to maximize their value

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Charging Management for BEVs with Scania

Large-scale operation of BEV fleets requires a solid and robust charging management system

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Next level customer interaction with Husqvarna Group

We are searching for solutions to next-level our customer interaction with customer self-service and education

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Real-Time Energy Consumption Monitoring & Optimization with Autoliv

We want to identify solutions and technologies to monitor and optimize energy consumption at plant, line and machine level

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Novel coating materials and methods with Stora Enso

We seek bio-based materials and surface treatment technologies from other industries to find new food packaging innovations

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Transport Management for BEV Fleets with Scania

If you work on new BEV-focused transport management solutions, get in touch with us!

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Recycling Excess Manufacturing Materials with Autoliv

We need new solutions for recycling and re-using remnant production materials from our operations

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Transport Flow Balancer with LOTS Group

We are working to optimize connected vehicle dispatching to benefit our customers and the environment

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Driver Safety with ADAS and Level 3+ Autonomy with Scania

If you develop next generation of driver and passenger monitoring systems, get in touch!

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Workflow Digitalization and Automation with Autoliv

We are looking for solutions to help us achieve digital workflow transformation

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Digital Thread of Connected Goods in Transport with Scania

We are developing and enabling the automation of digital, sustainable supply chains and logistics

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Our open call for solutions is running until May 31st

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