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New business opportunities with 9 industry-leaders are now available! Founders and operators, read more below!

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New Business Opportunities from 9 Foundry Companies Have Been Launched!

For the first time, all Foundry companies have launched business opportunities all at once! We are featuring 40+ opportunities on generative AI and 10 on other topics
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Empowering Businesses for a Future-proof Tomorrow – Milja Kalliosaari

Former team member Milja Kalliosaari reflects on her experiences at Combient Foundry in Spring '23
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We're hiring! Check out our internship opportunities for Spring and Fall 2024

We're looking for new team members to join in January or August of 2024
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New Barrier Materials and Coating Methods with Stora Enso

We're developing next-gen bio-based and renewable packaging solutions that enable recyclability and/or reusability
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“The construction industry is a hidden gem for co-digitalization” – Interview with KONE’s Head of R&D Johannes Rastas

"Co-creating a total experience around our products and solutions together with startups is something we value a lot,” says Rastas.
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“I’m happiest when I can help clients succeed, while simultaneously making an effort to build a more sustainable future” – Interview with Nea Raahenmaa

We sat down to chat about what inspired Nea Raahenmaa to join Foundry, how her first year on the team has been, and what’s in store for the future.
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Venture clienting produces results - just ask the members of our alliance

Our latest video with Autoliv, KONE, Scania, and Stora Enso presents their venture clienting results achieved together
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Welcome, Atlas Copco!

We are very excited to welcome Atlas Copco into the Venture Client Alliance
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Xiaofu and Stora Enso: Our First Startup-Corporate Partnership in China

Xiaofu has been working with Stora Enso to inform end-users of packaging about sustainable choices
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Shute’s Kristian Rode: “A solution that fits the business needs also should be able to scale up for future use, maybe globally”

We sat down with Kristian Rode, CCO of Shute, to talk about their journey with KONE

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New wood building concepts in minutes, rather than weeks – Interview with Kreo

Kreo joined Stora Enso to co-create digital tools for wood construction
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An Autonomous Transport Venture Client Partnership, One Year On

Applied Intuition met Scania at Combient Foundry’s Value Proposition Days in 2019. We had a chat with Applied’s Qasar Younis to check in on how the collaboration is going.
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