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Startup - grow with us!

We are the Venture Client Unit for 28 industry-leading Nordic corporations.
We partner with the best-in-class startups from around the world to transform tomorrow’s industries.

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The First Cycle of 2019

We began the year with 10 business opportunities waiting for startups with unique tech solutions. See what our companies offered this spring.

Digital Bus & Coach Building Process by Scania

We’re digitizing and scaling our bus & coach building process from beginning to end. Let us know about you if you can help us to improve e.g. documentation efficiency, worker training, and information flow.

#virtualreality, #qualityassurance, #augmentedreality, #mixedreality, #virtualservice, #documentation, #edtech

Simulated Environments by Scania

We are interested in solutions that help us to develop sustainable transport solutions through simulating individual vehicles, entire transportation systems, and test environments.

#simulation, #autonomous-vehicles, #HMI, #AI, #analytics

Smart Battery Monitoring by Scania

We are looking for digital solutions that help us to improve our customers’ vehicle up-time through smart battery solutions.

#sensors, #analytics, #AI, #predictive-maintenance, #asset-health

Remote Technical Customer Services by Stora Enso

We at Stora Enso are looking for solutions that improve remote service team and customer collaboration so that our customers get the best possible support instantly without having certain service technician or expert nearby.

People Flow Ecosystem by KONE

We want to take smart buildings to the next level by efficiently linking external solutions to the API Ecosystem of our People Flow.

#API, #robotics, #analytics, #connectivity, #logistics

We Connect You
with Industry Leaders

Combient Foundry brings together leading Nordic companies, tech startups on a global growth path, and in-depth industry expertise to co-create financially solid services and solutions in long-term business partnerships.

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About Combient

A +€150B Market Opportunity

Combient is a select group of 28 leading global enterprises. Our partner companies operate in a variety of industries ranging from aerospace and defense to pulp and paper, from manufacturing to financial services.

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