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From Project to Partnership: The Growth Story of Atlas Copco and Ekkono

Incorporating groundbreaking advances of artificial intelligence in heavy industrial equipment is not a small feat. The project between Atlas Copco, and edge AI solutions trailblazer Ekkono is a great example of how something that starts small can grow partnership when the right pieces are being put together.

Challenge on the edge

Atlas Copco, as a pioneer in the industrial tools and equipment, has successfully been pushing the boundary of what is possible in industrial automation for over 150 years. Industrial sector with its complexity offers both challenges and opportunities to solve and in this case Atlas Copco was in a search for a solution to deploy AI algorithms and AI models directly on controllers. Controllers with limited memory and connectivity should enable self-supervised learning in cases where data is considered sensitive and cannot be processed in a server.

At the core of the cooperation is the pursuit of intelligent automation. By leveraging Ekkono’s state-of-the-art Edge Machine Learning software, Atlas Copco was able to deploy the desired AI models directly on the controllers. Ekkono’s software, known for its ability to work seamlessly across platforms with minimal computing resources, provided the perfect solution to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and optimize maintenance operations.

Bringing the right pieces together

As a catalyst for corporate innovation, Combient Foundry played a key role in promoting the cooperation between Atlas Copco and Ekkono. Effectively seeking to identify real problems and connect them to next generation solutions, Combient Foundry brought these two industry leaders together to address the challenges head on.

During our Venture client process we immediately noticed Ekkono’s capabilities to collaborate with industry leader such as Atlas Copco. I really believe we have a unique platform in our hands, having access to best of the best startups in the world and at the same time door open to industry leaders and their real business needs.

– Eero Vartiainen, Strategy & Business Development Lead at Combient Foundry

The collaboration between Atlas Copco and Ekkono was characterized by synergy, innovation and a shared commitment to excellence. Combient Foundry’s process of matching industry challenges with innovative solutions proved to be important in bringing these two companies together. Ekkono’s unique ability in memory-constrained AI solutions impressed the Atlas Copco team, leading to the expansion of collaboration across multiple projects. Smooth communication, responsiveness and on-site workshops with Ekkono laid the foundation for a successful partnership.

Our experience is that successful corporate venturing projects start with a real problem that needs a solution. Secondly, it needs the right people to be involved, meaning those who actually own and understand the problem. Combient Foundry’s process comes with both.

– Jon Linden, Founder and CMO, Ekkono

Ready to expand

The success of the Atlas Copco – Ekkono collaboration was heard throughout the industrial sector. By leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, Atlas Copco was able to improve production quality, streamline maintenance operations and even reduce waste on the site. The partnership not only addressed immediate challenges, but also paved the way for future collaboration in smart maintenance and data-driven insights. Two new partnership projects are underway and both parties are committed to push the boundaries of industrial automation further. Leveraging data-driven insights and intelligent automation, they strive to evolve the industry and set new standards for efficiency and excellence.

Ekkono’s solution was a good fit for our needs and we are looking forward to continuing and further expanding our collaboration. Combient Foundry’s process helped us considerably in finding the right solution.”

Thomas Schaumann, Vice President R&D @ Atlas Copco IAS GmbH

The partnership of Atlas Copco and Ekkono is proof of the potential of cooperation and innovation. By combining domain expertise with cutting-edge technology, they have opened up new opportunities and smooth the way for a smarter, more efficient industrial future.

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