Industrial Future Summit 2024

Bridging industrial scale with future builders and enablers
24 September, Stockholm, Sweden

One of a kind summit, bringing together industrial expertise with world-class startup solutions

Join 300+ Industrial Executives and Experts

Stay ahead of industry shifts and speed up
development with elite startup talent and technology.

Join 200+ Top-tier Founders

Nail your product market fit and
scale with industrial partners.

Join 20+ Investors

Gain exclusive access to top industrial founders
and deep understanding on industrial needs.


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Marcus Wallenberg

Chairman of FAM, SEB, SAAB & Chairman of the board of Patricia Industries

Allison Dring

CEO of Made of Air

Ashley Lundström

Partner at EQT Ventures

Markus Rauramo

President & CEO of Fortum

Qasar Younis

CEO of Applied Intuition
Former Partner and COO of Y Combinator

Helena Hedblom

President & CEO of Epiroc

Leading event for Industrial Emerging Tech

Founders and industry leaders

Invite-only Startups

Strengthen your product market fit & your next industrial partner to scale your solution to the market

We help you accomplish your goals through:

– Curated meetings with industry leaders
– Gain exposure through stage program
– Hear and learn from your future customers, deep-dive into real-world industrial opportunities

For executives and experts

Accelerate your time-to-market with leading technology and material companeis. Learn about most cutting-edge scalable industrial solutions. Meet with top-tier founders, industrial peers and investors.

We help you accomplish your goals through

– Curated meetings with top-tier founders to launch scalable projects
– Meetings with industrial peers, experts and future builders
– Learn about key industrial trends and opportunities

The melting pot of industrial innovation

+40 Industrials
+300 Executives
+200 Startup Founders
+50 Investors

Industrial Future Summit