How Global Industrials tap into the Potential of Generative AI Startups

"We work with generative AI startups to accelerate our transformation at SKF" Annika Ölme CTO, SKF Group

Annika Ölme CTO
SKF Group



7 months Shorter time-to-market

By working with globally leading startups.

Working with globally leading startups in a structured way drives value across the organization


Enhance your product offering and co-create new solutions.


Significantly expedite time to value and trying out new technologies (vs. in-house or M&A).

Operational Excellence

Drive Efficiency, Cost and Quality. Tap into new technologies and external capabilities.

Our Trackreckord

200 + Strategic Projects

63% of which have resulted in further collaboration with our structured process

100m+ in Value Created for Corporates

We focus on tangible business opportunities.

“Foundry has proven to be a highly efficient way for us to leverage the global ecosystem and engage with individual startups with clear goals.”

Samuli Savo – SVP, Packaging Solutions, Stora Enso

Lets work together to reduce time-to-market by leveraging world-class startups and growth companies.

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