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Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, wants to make packaging design and selection as easy as possible. We aim to create a digital service for our customers, designers, and sales representatives. Can you help us to create a streamlined buying process of packaging designs, with the help of cutting-edge technologies?

Packaging for every purpose

The rapid growth of eCommerce is a significant driver in the increased demand for innovative and customizable packaging solutions. As a leading packaging provider, Stora Enso is at the forefront of answering customers' increased environmental awareness and plastics replacement ambitions with fiber-based packaging.

Customer expectations are evolving to leverage packaging as a tool for brand building and engaging with end-consumers, thus demanding more opportunities to customize and select the type of solution for their specific needs.

The Packaging Solutions division provides fiber-based board materials, corrugated packaging products, and services for a wide array of applications. From thousands of packaging solutions and designs, we want to make sure the client has an efficient way to select the type that answers their specific need. Our aim is to engage the customers in our design processes and bring them closer to Stora Enso. We want to use intelligent technologies to build a collaborative platform for our community of over a hundred designers, as well as hundreds of sales representatives and customers working together in 30 different countries.

Design, customize and choose your package

Stora Enso is an industry leader in renewable packaging, with design and customer-centricity in focus. We want to change the way customers make packaging purchasing decisions by creating a new digital collaboration service that utilizes intelligent technologies and algorithms.

We want the packaging design selection process to be as efficient as possible for our customers, as well as our hundreds of product managers, designers, and sales representatives. The goal is to enable visual customization of the designs, incorporate customers into the product design process and to implement an intuitive service for multiple stakeholders. Our aim is to challenge the legacy purchasing processes, move increasingly towards a holistic service design thinking and enable the best possible customer experience. Read a few of our examples below bearing in mind your solutions may go above and beyond them, or even be something completely different.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Machine learning, AI and smart search algorithms

Analyzing the customer profile and their use of keywords, product images and earlier customer decisions to suggest the exact design that answers their specific need. We want to create easier access to Stora Enso’s packaging design catalog by using e.g. deep learning and search algorithms. What do you have to offer?

Packaging visualisation tools

Transforming from 2D drawings of the designs to photorealistic, more detailed visuals for the entire packaging product line. Do you have a solution to digitally render and create the different options of packaging designs to match the customer preferences, and thus support the purchase decision?

Customer interaction solutions

Customers are increasingly seeing packaging as a brand-building tool. We are looking for AI-assisted design solutions where customers can select characteristics for their packaging, such as color, images, and logos with a click of a button. How would you enable AI-assisted design?

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