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We are constantly looking to add value to our customers by bringing in external solutions into our partner ecosystem. Connect your smart building solution to our API to improve the urban flow of 1B+ people every day.

The Next Venture Client Cycle Begins in April

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Thematic Overview

Buildings are becoming more intelligent faster than ever. In our daily life, we most often see new services and solutions improving people flow between and inside buildings. These can be robots taking care of in-house logistics or serving as receptionists, and mobile apps guiding our way in complex building environments.

We firmly believe that there are dozens of innovative solutions out there. So, we want to see what you have built and hear about it. We are interested in unlocking new potential experiences, mechanisms, and services in the areas of people flow, security and safety. To get you inspired, Amazon Alexa can already remotely call elevators and Robotize’s autonomous Jeeves service robots work together with elevators too.

Together, we want to make your company’s solution an integral part of KONE People Flow, experienced by more than 1B people around the world every day.

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Case Description

We want to take the People Flow experience to the next level by efficiently integrating external solutions with KONE’s APIs. The API enables you to build new services for tenants and property management around the world and become a part of a broad installed base of over a million units. There are no limits here – if you have a novel solution that makes our customers business more valuable and consumers’ lives easier and it can be scaled to a global installed base of elevators and escalators, by working together we can be a significant player in smart building ecosystems.

KONE Elevator Call API

KONE Elevator Call API is an IoT solution that allows building owners and operators to innovate, create and leverage smart building applications, including remote elevator call.

Elevator call API enables seamless, more secure and efficient people movement through the integration with building access management. It provides advanced flow experience through integration with the latest technological innovations such as digital locks or visitor management system and KONE equipment.

KONE Service Robot API

With KONE API service, the robot can travel autonomously between floors with elevator. The API allows the owners to track the robot’s movement, facilitate immediate corrections to any incidents. Service robot enables use cases where robots deliver guest’s luggage from the lobby to their hotel’s rooms or cleaning robots or security robots are permitted to travel within the restricted areas of the building.


KONE’s digital platform connects people – customers, users and employees – to equipment and data, in a safe and secure manner. As our equipment is connected to the cloud, partner solutions through application programming interfaces (APIs), they are easy to update and upgrade.

KONE is in the process of growing a partner ecosystem to achieve a wider set of capabilities and to enable faster innovation together with our customers and users. Through the partner ecosystem, KONE together with the partners will complete the best people flow experience. Partnering with KONE gives partners access to a wide base of customers and building end-users in several segments. Depending on our agreement with the partner, they can benefit from KONE’s sales and operational resources in target markets.

Learn more about the KONE DX Class Elevators here.

We’re Looking to Solve the Following

Plugging-in your visitor management solution to our Elevator Call API creates new possibilities e.g. in personalizing visitors’ journeys  and learning more about the use of the building, enabling the further improvement of smart services and solutions.

We believe that by utilizing our Cloud API, your smart lock and access control solutions can be further improved. Together we can introduce new value-adding services for example in security, connectivity and convenience for end-users, and building managers and owners.

Robotize operates autonomous service robots that utilize KONE’s Elevator Call API inside buildings. It delivers items securely, safely, and reliably, increasing the staff productivity and delighting everyone he meets.

The Next Venture Client Cycle Begins in April

Leave your information with us and we'll be in touch when a good opportunity arises


At KONE, our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. Through more effective People Flow®, we make people's journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings.

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Natalia Rincon
Co-founder and CEO at CHAOS

When matching corporates and startups, one of the most time consuming tasks is finding customers’ real needs. Combient Foundry is the first of its kind to connect startups with customers that have a real and concrete needs. If anything, I would recommend startups to forget about accelerators and focus in customer validation, this is something that Combient Foundry excels at. Highly recommended!

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Ville Heikkilä
VP, Sales & Marketing of Kaltiot

Combient Foundry’s offering had a great fit with our growth targets and there was a clear focus on getting a common project done.

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Dr. Christoph Amma
CEO & Co-Founder Kinemic GmbH

We build a ground-breaking gesture control wearable company and are honored that KONE chose to go forward and collaborate with us to investigate how we can meet a real-life business need. Combient Foundry is really focused on bringing startups and world-leading corporates together to build lasting value!

Adam Phillips
VP, Business Development for Sixgill, LLC

By working shoulder-to-shoulder with KONE on the development of a real-world proof of concept, we gained great insight into the Smart Construction market and the solutions our platform can deliver - I would definitely recommend Foundry to other companies.

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Miikka Rosendahl
Founder & CEO of ZOAN

We build the best VR solutions for construction space in Europe, USA and Brazil, and it is truly a privilege to work with a global industry-leader such as KONE on this new front. Foundry served as an essential part of forming great connections between us and KONE decision-makers. Thanks Foundry team!

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The Next Venture Client Cycle Begins in April

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