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Green Plug-and-Play Fleet Orchestrator for Operations 24/7 by Scania

Autonomous Solutions


Autonomous transport systems need a real-time, intelligent fleet orchestrator that monitors, creates and updates the operational plan. If you are building one, let us hear from you!

Theme Description

Scania is in the midst of the transformation from a classic vehicle manufacturer to a supplier of sustainable transport systems. We firmly believe that autonomous vehicles and intelligent management systems form the key cornerstones for future transport solutions.

With the help of our well-advanced, cutting edge autonomous technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity we are continuously developing new solutions for transport operators all around the world. Together, we can help transport operators in optimizing and orchestrating the vehicle flow of entire autonomous fleets and remotely monitor autonomous vehicles. If you are working in the autonomous vehicle industry or are a professional in teleoperation or fleet network operations, let us hear about you!

Opportunity Overview

In an autonomous transport system, the drivers have moved from the vehicles to control centers where they are responsible for entire fleets of autonomous vehicles. The drivers have become fleet operators that are monitoring the operations, creating and modifying operational plans as well as acting on deviations.

To succeed in fleet management, the fleet operators need a plug-and-play fleet orchestrator that monitors, creates and updates the operational plan. The operational plan consists of the transport flows and/or assignments scheduled in time and allocated to the autonomous vehicles in the fleet and the operational plan should enable energy-efficient transports that can operate 24/7. Do you have a solution that helps us to ensure real-time fleet management?

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Real-time Planning

We believe that some of the key questions in enabling  the real-time fleet management include:

  • How and what to monitor in the transport flows?
  • How to handle deviations, such as vehicle malfunction and canceled transport assignments, in the transport flows in real-time?
  • How to orchestrate autonomous vehicles given a pre-specified transport schedule and a continuous inflow of ad-hoc transport assignments?

Can you help us in solving these questions?

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