Autonomous transport systems need to be monitored, and remote operators must be able to interact with the vehicles. If your solution can help us to assess autonomous vehicles remotely, shoot us a message!

Opportunity Overview

Scania is in the midst of the transformation from a classic vehicle manufacturer to a supplier of sustainable transport systems. We believe autonomous vehicles and intelligent management systems are critical cornerstones for future transport solutions.

With the help of our well-advanced, cutting-edge autonomous technology, advanced sensors, and wireless connectivity, we are continuously developing new solutions for transport operators worldwide. Together, we can help transport operators optimize and orchestrate the vehicle flow of entire autonomous fleets and remotely monitor autonomous vehicles. If you work in the independent vehicle industry or are a teleoperation or fleet network operations professional, let us hear about you!

Your Opportunity with Scania

Our vision is a complete solution for autonomous vehicles and transport systems where remote operators can monitor and interact with the independent system.

The remote operators could operate even 100 vehicles. The operators need innovative tools and equipment to confidently and efficiently decide on events happening elsewhere.

To achieve our vision, the remote operators need to assess the vehicles. Remote assessment is about what the remote operator of the autonomous cars can see to have a good understanding of the current situations of the vehicles. Let us know about you if you can help us to achieve our vision of autonomous transport systems!

Examples we're looking for

UI & Data Streams

How can video streams and perception views be displayed to a remote operator? What other kinds of ideas could the operator benefit from?

Intelligent Perceptions

We need Intelligence in the system to identify which vehicles or situations a remote operator should be most interested in at a specific moment. These situations can include, e.g., unidentified objects on the road and crossings. How do we select the right conditions and involve the remote operator?

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions with more than 58,000 employees in over 100 countries. Together with their partners and customers, Scania drives the shift towards a sustainable transport system.
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