As part of charging management, we are interested in solutions that can help
balancing the energy usage between charging and other energy consumers. For example, many of our customers have their chargers integrated to a manufacturing plant or other industrial facility.

Opportunity overview

ICE-based transport has a 100+ year head start with its supportive infrastructure and operating model. From an operational perspective, charging is the most significant difference between BEV and ICE-powered

As a part of the more digitized, integrated, and connected world of electrified transport, we identify the need to support our customers with charging management services. As part of the holistic digital services ecosystem, the charging management module can include a vast range of value-adding services ranging from vehicle level to fleet and depot level solutions. Additionally, with intelligent energy management and load-balancing functionalities, we can collaborate with energy consumers and operators other than BEV and versa.

The benefits of proper charging management for BEV customers are tremendous. Optimized charging can lead to maximized vehicle time, resulting in lower total investment, longer battery life, and decreased operational costs for the customer. Depending on the use case of the BEV or BEV fleet, the charging management service could plan and prioritize charging according to charging settings, limitations, cost, and flow efficiency. If you can contribute to our development of innovative charging management to support our customers’ transition and operation of a sustainable BEV-based transport system, please check a few examples below and contact us!

Examples we're looking for

Smart charging

We are interested in innovative charging solutions covering everything from simple scheduling tools to automated charging platforms utilizing parameters like energy need, battery health, vehicle data, energy prices, etc. We envision a demand for a modular, solid charging management solution that can be part of existing fleet management systems or a standalone service that could be extended for external users beyond our direct clients. Currently, our primary interest is in software solutions.

Energy management and load balancing

As part of charging management, we are interested in solutions that can help balance the energy usage between charging and other energy consumers. For example, many customers have their chargers integrated into a manufacturing plant or other industrial facility.

Charging behavior analysis

To succeed in battery health and charging optimization, we need to optimize the charging behavior of BEV drivers and operators. We are highly interested in the behavior analysis of our BEV customers and providing tailored charging recommendations for them.

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions with nearly 57,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Together with their partners and customers, they drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

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