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Technologies for Circular Value Sharing with Stora Enso

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At Stora Enso, we are working towards a circular economy, where waste is minimized as materials are reused and recycled to maximize environmental and financial value. Now we are looking for technology providers to explore new business opportunities in this field.

Opportunity overview

Global consumption is rapidly growing but at the same time, consumer awareness on eco-friendly materials and limited natural resources as well as regulation on circularity and sustainability are increasing. Stora Enso is contributing to the transition to a circular bioeconomy by using renewable raw materials, designing circular products and business models and utilizing waste, side streams, and by-products for new products. Our aim is to further promote and increase the collection and recycling of fiber-based materials from various sources.

The Circular Economy will demand that products are reused, refurbished and properly recycled at a much higher rate than today. In order to accomplish this, traceability and information sharing, as well as easy value transferring are needed to enable the B2B circular value sharing of products. Moreover, several alternative methods and combinations of physical and digital components can be used to create a successful and user-friendly service. With a focus on B2B, the user-friendly aspect cannot be overlooked as it correlates with efficiency and cost savings.

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

We are looking for scalable technologies for tracking and tracing products and materials, coordinating inbound and outbound logistics and allowing for digital transactions for circular items. See our focus areas below to understand the concrete business needs behind this opportunity.

More about Stora Enso Packaging Solutions

The Packaging Solutions division develops and sells premium fiber-based packaging products and services. Our high-end eco-friendly packaging products are used by leading brands across multiple market sectors, including store retail, e-commerce and industrials. The portfolio includes corrugated and other converting, design services, automation solutions, and scalable innovations such as formed fiber and biocomposites.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Scanning and sensing

To efficiently track and trace materials and products, we need technologies for connecting physical products to digital platforms. Possible solutions include technologies such as RFID, GPS, QR scanning or similar. The solutions should offer clear value for circular tracing and identification as well as being compatible with a user-friendly service.

Smart logistics

Part of a circular service includes the coordination of logistics both forward and in reverse. To create a closed loop, we are looking for platforms that can coordinate logistics in a smart and efficient way for gathering and returning used products and materials for Stora Enso and others to use again. The platform should also allow for several stakeholders involved in the process to connect and communicate.


Reusable products are more expensive that single-use products and therefore must have an easy way of transferring their value and ownership from one user to the next. These could mean monetary transactions along the value chain or deposits for digitally transferring the ownership of the item. Being able to easily transfer value in a safe and secure, but also efficient and user friendly way is an essential component for circular value sharing.

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