Many of Stora Enso’s customers have defined sustainability targets but find it difficult to understand how improvements in packaging development, design, and material choices impact achieving these targets. We want to develop a modular-based digital service connected to our business processes and assets to structure and increase the transparency of co-creation work, create impactful value communication, and eventually improve the quality and quantity to support customers in circular ambitions.

Opportunity Overview

At Stora Enso, we want to move towards a circular economy by providing packaging made from renewable and recyclable materials. As companies and societies increasingly choose to replace non-renewable materials with renewable and recyclable alternatives, our customers want that, too.

We constantly co-create packaging with our customers to fulfill that need, but the work is done manually. We are looking for ways to digitize that process and help our customers create and achieve their circularity objectives.

The Packaging Solutions division provides fiber-based board materials, corrugated packaging products, and services for various applications. From thousands of packaging solutions and designs, we want to ensure the client can select the type that answers their specific need efficiently. We aim to engage the customers in our design processes and bring them closer to Stora Enso. We want to use intelligent technologies to help our customers make decisions by building a Virtual Lab to connect the data, our customers, and us. The Virtual Lab will create new business opportunities, providing service and knowledge alongside our products.

Your Opportunity with Stora Enso

We want to take our co-creation to a new level by introducing a Virtual Lab for our customers. Our objective for the lab is digitizing our current co-creation work modules, creating a tailor-made solution for our way of working.

Through personalized questions and recommendations, we aim to introduce structure and create an overview of the customer’s circularity decisions.

The lab is supposed to give fast feedback on customer requests, provide data-driven indications and recommendations, and showcase the impact of sustainability through personalized and powerful visualization. The solution will consist of different modules connected via a standard interface, but in this case, we will focus on an intelligent recommendation tool. We want this module to ask questions about the customer’s sustainability targets and then create personalized recommendations. We are also interested in exploring the possibilities of integrations with other platforms currently in use at Stora Enso. Please see the examples below for the functionalities we are looking for, but remember that your solution may be something beyond them.

Examples we're looking for

Intelligent Personalized Questions

Depending on whether the issue is becoming a climate-neutral company or avoiding plastic taxes, the intelligent recommendation tool should ask the customer different questions. The device should understand what kind of customer is using it and allow them to use it specifically for their needs. Furthermore, the tool could learn about customers’ objectives and needs to become even brighter in the long run.

Smart Recommendations

The circular analysis tool should create a simple yet insightful output for the customer, showcasing the impact of different materials or design decisions. It should also allow a reverse process, meaning the customer could set targets, and the tool would suggest the packaging details. Based on the specified criteria, the device should understand what materials work in different use cases and which materials can be replaced with others.

An Engaging Learning Tool

We want the tool to attract customers and encourage them to use it and our sustainable materials. This could be increased through educational content, industry comparisons, or gamification. Moreover, the tool should allow co-creation between us and our customers, as we aim to keep all the essential aspects of our experts working individually with our customers in the virtual lab.

Part of the global bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable products in packaging, biomaterials, and wooden construction and one of the largest private forest owners in the world. We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

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