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We at Gardena, part of Husqvarna Group, are taking steps towards more circular operations alongside our solution portfolio, product utilization and organization. Now we seek for partners to together rethink circularity throughout the whole value chain – design processes, sourcing and production processes as well as materials and end-of-life management of and for our products.

Theme description

Gardena is the preferred brand for millions of home and garden owners worldwide when it comes to garden care. That is because Gardena offers a complete range of all that is required – no matter if it is watering systems, electrical or mechanical cutting tools or hand tools. Today Gardena is the leading brand for high-quality garden tools in Europe and represented in more than 80 countries all over the world.

Gardena serves the passionate gardeners who wants to realize their gardening dreams with high-quality products, in a sustainable and effective way. Their green space might be different due to the environment they live in, may it be rural or urban, large or small, manual or automated. However all possess emotional connection towards their garden as "living space close to nature" and a place of well-being, recreation, and fun. You can learn more about Gardena’s products here.

Our aim is to increase circularity in all dimensions of our operations - designs, materials, supply chain and business models. Together with innovative startups tapping into circular economy, we want to improve what we are already good at - making passionate gardeners emotionally connected with their green spaces and enjoying the nature.

This opportunity is part of Husqvarna Group’s Sustainovate Open. Read more about Sustainovate Open and Husqvarna Group’s Sustainability targets here.

Opportunity overview

Circularity at every part of the value chain is increasingly growing in importance, from sourcing through manufacturing, distribution, marketing & sales, product use and end-of-life management – that’s why we would like to collaborate with the most innovative start-ups.

We are open and eager to discover new solutions and business models that helps us together achieve more sustainable and circular operations - starting from the very beginning on product and system designs, considering the entire value chain from Sourcing to Manufacturing, as well as Distribution. However, let’s not compromise on durability, performance and quality perception of our products as well as sticking to our unique design. We are curious to discover innovative approaches to support the prolongation of the product use phase and to ensure that the materials are recycled in the end-of-life.

Circular in practice

At Gardena we summarize the circularity challenge in the following R-strategies:

  • Reduce demand - Invent solutions that consume fewer natural resources and materials
  • Reuse - Make product use more intensive (e.g. through sharing) or extend the use of the product to its full lifetime.
  • Repair - Repair and maintain defective product to extend the lifetime.
  • Remanufacture - Restore old products and bring them up to date, or reuse parts from discarded products in new units
  • Recycle - Use recycled materials in products, and design products that can be recycled.

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