Epiroc is a vital part of a sustainable society and a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers. Recognizing the increasing importance of data-driven decisions in aftermarket services, Epiroc is looking to optimize operational efficiency through cloud-based calculations and advanced analytics in an Azure Cloud Databricks environment. With a focus on enhancing the performance and longevity of its machinery, Epiroc seeks to harness the power of cloud computing to further enable predictive maintenance and service customization.

Opportunity overview

As machinery and equipment become more sophisticated, Epiroc understands the need for a dynamic and agile operational profile, one that not only captures real-time data from machinery but also efficiently monitors trends without overwhelming the system. By leveraging cloud calculations, Epiroc aims to compare operational metrics across machines and fleets, facilitating a shift towards a more proactive service model.

At present, operational data from fleets is sourced from Azure Cloud (BLOB) and presented through Microsoft Power BI. However, this method faces scalability issues. There is a need for an advanced calculation model that supports real-time, scalable, and efficient operational profile calculations. This model should either integrate with Power BI or include an extension that offers a user-friendly interface.

Summary of the requested solution

We seek a robust cloud-based analytical solution to facilitate on-demand calculations and comparative analysis of various operational metrics. This solution should enable effective predictive maintenance through dynamic calculations, scale to manage large data volumes efficiently, and provide comparative analytics to benchmark performance against fleet averages and other metrics. Integration with existing Epiroc systems and interfaces is essential.

Your opportunity with Epiroc

Epiroc is a pioneer in innovative mining and infrastructure solutions, providing cutting-edge equipment, tools, and services across ~150 countries. Collaborating with Epiroc on this advanced analytics initiative offers a unique chance to position your company at the global forefront of mining and infrastructure technology. By joining Epiroc’s mission for increased safety and increased productivity through digitization, your company can gain unparalleled exposure, access new markets, and become a driving force in reshaping the mining and infrastructure industries.

Examples we're looking for

Predictive maintenance models

Advanced algorithms or software systems using data analytics and machine learning to predict when a machine or component is likely to fail, allowing for maintenance to be scheduled in time to prevent downtime.

Comparative data tools

Specialized applications or systems that allow comparison of performance metrics or other data points across different entities, such as machines, time periods, or operational processes, to identify trends and anomalies.

Cloud analytics platforms

Integrated suites of technologies that offer cloud-based services to collect, store, analyze, and visualize large datasets, enabling informed decisions based on comprehensive insights.

Epiroc is a global productivity partner for mining and construction customers and accelerates the transformation toward a sustainable society. With ground-breaking technology, Epiroc develops and provides innovative and safe equipment, such as drill rigs, rock excavation, and construction equipment and tools for surface and underground applications. The company also offers world-class service and other aftermarket support, as well as solutions for automation, digitalization, and electrification.

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