Digital Toolbox for Wood Building Industry by Stora Enso

HEAL, the joint initiative of two wood building industry leaders Stora Enso and Trä Group, aims to build a toolbox of innovative digital tools and solutions to be offered to the wood building industry. Do you have a solution that could fit in this toolbox and to be distributed for Stora Enso’s client and partner network?

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Using wood as main building material

The building and construction industry is undergoing a large paradigm shift. Legacy ways of working are being replaced and improved with the help of digital tools. Building safety and environmental aspects are increasingly in the focus of contractors, designers, tenants, and legislators. Accelerating growth of cities and demand for new types of living concepts are creating pressure to make building more efficient and affordable. Wide-spread sustainability goals are increasing awareness of wood building. With these trends combined, we have identified a clear need for using wood as a building material, as well as a need for new digital solutions to tackle the issues of the building industry.

Our key focus is in the building industry using wood and mass timber as the main material. HEAL aims to tackle the existing inefficiencies in the building industry by focusing on the entire building lifecycle – planning, building, living and reusing – and developing solutions to contribute to a smarter, healthier and more affordable living in wooden buildings. This may include new ways of working, smart digital tools and enhanced collaboration between the members of the value chain, such as constructors, installers, carpenters, architects, and maintenance.

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Re-thinking the wood building value chain

We are looking to build a state-of-the-art toolbox of digital solutions and services for the wood building industry. That is why we are seeking startups with innovative digital tools that facilitate the process of planning, building and operating buildings – i.e. we are examining the entire building value chain from design to reuse. The aim is to focus on structures and concepts made of sustainable materials, namely mass timber and wood. The identified solutions will be potentially integrated into our Collaborative Data Environment (CDE) that will be provided as a platform to the wood construction industry and Stora Enso’s partner network. We have already identified significant client traction to the toolbox, and thus working under the HEAL umbrella could be your future delivery channel and go-to-market avenue to the growing wood building industry. Below we have listed some example solutions we could see fit, but we are open to hearing about other suggestions as well.



Our aim is to offer building constructors digital tools to design buildings and structures made of wood. We are looking for design tools to simulate building parameters, digital product libraries for materials, as well as sensor solutions to calculate quantities such as strain, moisture, vibrations and acoustics of wooden materials. What do you have to offer in these, or other related fields?

As wooden building construction volumes are growing, we want to offer solutions for making the building process safer and more efficient. We are looking at intelligent solutions that track logistics flows of building assets on construction sites, tools to identify building elements and 3D modeling solutions to be used on site. In addition to these examples, which other solutions do you have to offer?

For readymade wooden buildings, we have identified several use cases for innovative technologies that can make living inside them more convenient, healthy and affordable. Examples include IoT devices for building automation, dashboards for indoor conditions, digital metrics on different properties or digital twins for indoor use cases. Do you have something similar to propose?

The Next Venture Client Cycle Begins in April

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Stora Enso

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Indra den Bakker
Co-Founder of Overstory.ai

We would highly recommend other startups to participate in a Venture Client Cycle. When you can address a real and concrete business need for the customer, we would not hesitate to apply!

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Jaakko Kaidesoja
President of Imagine Intelligent Materials

The Combient Foundry Cycle is a great forum for a startup to get access to the relevant decision-makers. After two meetings, we already have a plan for a POC and practical steps in further partnership with Stora Enso... This is a very efficient use of time.

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Samuli Savo
CDO of Stora Enso

Combient Foundry is a natural way for us to engage with tech startup space in close collaboration with other enterprises.

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The Next Venture Client Cycle Begins in April

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