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You deserve your favorite fresh snacks, no matter the time or place

Urban life can take a toll on us. There is a constant need to keep up energy levels to perform both physically and mentally. Snacking has a big role in our daily diet and we are starting to pay attention to what we snack. We believe that tasty, nutritious and healthy snacks can play a key role in achieving a good flow in our everyday life. Help combat afternoon energy dips and keep us going to do the things we want to do.

Supply chain & shrinkage optimization

Everyone knows that the healthiest snacks are usually the fresh ones. Taking care of the freshness of shelf products is a challenge for all established and upcoming snack retailers everywhere. Fazer and Stora Enso want to stand out here: Freshbar needs to own its name fully. Solutions which help us deliver this promise are the ingredients for what Freshbar made of.

We want to offer the healthiest snacks, and them fully fresh. We do not want to be restricted where we can place fresh bars and what we can offer due to limited supply chain. The supply network needs to be easy, flexible and efficient. Freshbar needs to own its name fully, and we need to be able to prove it.

Customer experience is the most important part

Snacking is one of the fastest growing food industries today. We want to create Freshbar with customer experience and satisfaction in its core. The potential for success is expanded when including the most up-to-date analytics and data solutions to elevate the customer experience, add further convenience, and achieve zero food waste. To make this work, we want to hear your solution. Whether you are offering a payment solution, food innovation or sensor technology – all are welcome!

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Experience the Freshness

Our customers want their snacks when they are at their freshest. A defining feature, expressed at all points of the client journey. Starting from finding the healthiest fresh snacks and tuning them to best suit individual taste, all the way to the right wrapping and display at Freshbar, freshness is not merely the taste and texture, but the feeling of the entire experience.

Real-Time Customer Engagement

We want our product portfolio to be optimal: our offering should accommodate according to analytics and customer feedback. The question is how can we gather this feedback? Moreover, customers are used to loyalty communities where they are offered complementary services, discounts and newsletters. What is Freshbar’s way of leveraging this well-known mark of convenience? Fazer and Stora Enso believe that nurturing a client community is the best way to ensure delivery of a successful Freshbar. How to set the concept apart from others is to offer customized service to the individual, no matter what they require at a given moment.

An autonomous marketplace

To serve the freshest snacks we can, Freshbar requires viable and efficient supply chain operations, like last mile delivery. You’re familiar with how we order fresh food from restaurants via apps, directly delivered where we are. What if our autonomous retail modules could do it similarly by themselves to be always stacked with fresh products? Nowadays technology can help us track and optimize where and how things are delivered. Stora Enso makes recyclable RFID tags, and we want to hack their potential to the next level.

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