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Having a healthy environment for living should not be expensive. There is some evidence that wooden buildings can bring health benefits for building occupants. We need to get more data and analytics to learn more about dependencies between wood as material, indoor air quality and health.

Opportunity overview

Everyone who lives, works or studies in a timber building would say, that it feels good. Some studies also show that people concentrate better in buildings made of wood. But it is not that easy to demostrate that wood as material, indoor air quality and person's health would have some correlation. We would like to collect and analyse more data and find if those dependencies exist. And make that data available for everybody.

We want to create new valuable services for people on journey towards healthy living, where we think that wood can play an important role.

Obtaining more relevant data from our living environment, especially from the materials, indoor air quality and health aspects, we might find many interesting dependencies. This will help people to make more informed decisions on how they want to live. Healthy living environment should be available for all.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

New digital services

Data without insights is worth of nothing and insights without action is waste of time. That’s why we want co-create new services and business for different actors. Our mission is to provide valuable digital services for building constructors, owners, maintenance, visitors and people who are living in wooden buildings. We believe that there is plenty of space for new and valuable services. Do you have something new in your mind?


We are receiving every day more and more data which could be analyzed for making new valuable insights. These data driven insights are in key role for improving methods and practices. Do you have new ideas and technology for making data driven insights for helping us to build better wooden buildings?

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