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Atlas Copco Industrial Technique services over a million industrial power tools worldwide. We are looking for innovative solutions that could make our tool identification and management more connected, efficient and transparent.

Opportunity overview

Atlas Copco’s Industrial Assembly Solutions is a division within our Industrial Technique business area. Within this division, we at the Data Driven Services team are looking for solutions to make our tool identification and management more automated and efficient.

Our own service organization has over 2,000 technicians and many of our 1M+ tools are being sent to workshops outside our customers’ premises. Currently, the tracking is largely conducted manually. Achieving detailed tracking and identification of tools is hence an important goal for us.

We are looking for hardware and software solutions that enable more efficient tracking and identification of our wide range of handheld and fixed tools. Desired solutions should be able to track and log where a given tool has been last identified, along with the condition, calibration status and maintenance plan for the tool. Ultimately, we would like our tools to be more connected, and have a digital presence, to provide our colleagues and customers with easier access to the live status of their tools. On the hardware side, we are most interested in lightweight, retrofit solutions. In most cases, the solution could utilize our tools’ own power supply. Moreover, the tools are held and operated mostly at indoor assembly plants equipped with connectivity.

Your opportunity with Atlas Copco

As a leading provider of industrial tools with a vast customer base, working with Atlas Copco is truly a large-scale opportunity for your team. Throughout the collaboration, you will have access to our industry experts, as we test and validate the solution’s potential.

We are mostly looking for off-the-shelf solutions, especially on the hardware side, but co-development together with a provider is also possible, especially with software solutions.

After validating the solution, we target to scale the solution in the coming 1-2 years both internally, as well as for our customers within the product portfolio of Industrial Technique. In the long run, the solution might also be scaled for the whole product portfolio of Atlas Copco, including other Business Areas.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Tool traceability

Ability to track the location of the tools and trace it to when and where it has been handled. Solutions could be based on technologies such as RFID, QR codes or BLE.


Ease-of-use and worker efficiency are especially important. With a vast number of different tools and people handling them, the solution should be easy to use and not complicate the users’ workflow too much.

Additional services

Ultimately, improved tracking and digital connectedness could enable additional value-adding services, such as predictive maintenance alerts or product compatibility assistance, to our customers.

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