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Atlas Copco Industrial Technique services over a million industrial power tools worldwide. We seek innovative solutions to make our tool identification and management more connected, efficient, and transparent.

Opportunity overview

Atlas Copco’s Industrial Assembly Solutions is a division within our Industrial Technique business area. Within this division, the Data-Driven Services team is looking for solutions to make our tool identification and management more automated and efficient.

Our service organization has over 2,000 technicians, and many of our 1M+ tools are being sent to workshops outside our customers’ premises. Currently, the tracking is primarily conducted manually. Achieving detailed monitoring and identification of tools is an essential goal for us.

We are looking for hardware and software solutions that enable more efficient tracking and identification of our wide range of handheld and fixed tools. Desired solutions should be able to track and log where a given device has been last identified, along with the condition, calibration status, and maintenance plan. Ultimately, we would like our tools to be more connected and have a digital presence to provide our colleagues and customers with easier access to the live status of their tools. On the hardware side, we are most interested in lightweight, retrofit solutions. In most cases, the answer could be to utilize our tools’ power supply. Moreover, the tools are held and operated chiefly at indoor assembly plants equipped with connectivity.

Examples we're looking for

Tool traceability

Ability to track the location of the tools and trace it to when and where it has been handled. Solutions could be based on RFID, QR codes, or BLE technologies.


Ease of use and worker efficiency are essential. With many different tools and people handling them, the solution should be easy to use and not complicate the users’ workflow too much.

Additional services

Ultimately, improved tracking and digital connectedness could enable additional value-adding services, such as predictive maintenance alerts or product compatibility assistance, to our customers.

Atlas Copco Group enables technology that transforms the future. They innovate to develop products, services, and solutions that are key to their customers’ success. Their four business areas offer compressed air and vacuum solutions, energy solutions, dewatering and industrial pumps, industrial power tools, and assembly and machine vision solutions.

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