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Autoliv designs, manufactures, and sells safety equipment such airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels. Our major goal is to build a passive safety system that can save lives in the event of an automobile accident. Autoliv has established a goal to become carbon neutral in its operations by 2030, and to achieve net-zero emissions throughout its supply chain by 2040. The breadth of our work includes everything from the component raw materials to low-carbon energy in our own and our suppliers' activities, as well as low-carbon transportation and packaging.

Opportunity overview

With an increasing policy impetus toward green technologies, the importance of mitigating anthropogenic carbon emission cannot be overstressed via the development and scaling of carbon capture, storage, and utilization technologies. The processes involve a series of steps, each with unique challenges of materials and process costs.

Drivers have the most interaction with the interior of the vehicle, making it a key area of focus as automobile manufacturers focus on improving the driving experience. Engineering plastics that look better and perform better than traditional materials like TPO,PP and PC-ABS even metal material represent a major, untapped opportunity. This is particularly true in applications where metal replacement provides benefits including weight reduction, improved processing efficiency, and reduced carbon emissions.

This project is seeking for lightweight and sustainable raw material which can be used on passenger airbag, driver airbag and steering wheel to replace for traditional raw material such as TPO/PA6+GF40% and foaming material and metal material etc. How to develop lightweight sustainable raw material to enhance performance and reliability of automotive safety system products, such as high/low temperature deployment, aging test etc.

Your opportunity with Autoliv

Autoliv is looking for development partners that can assist making mobility safety equipment lighter and more sustainable by complementing Autoliv's strong topical expertise with unique raw material solutions. Autoliv, as the industry leader in automotive safety equipment, can assist a successful supplier in reaching all major OEMs and opening the door to a variety of other safety product use cases.

Autoliv is interested in exploring various cooperative development prospects, with the goal of establishing a long-term partnership. From the airbag or steering wheel module side, Autoliv will support resin and metal development. We can construct long-term partnership and award business to startups. The firm has the potential to become Autoliv's strategic supplier.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Material and Module Performance

ALV module aging resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, VOC, odor, and flammability specifications must all be met. See the chart for more information.

Appearance and manufacturability

ALV's aesthetic and tactile feeling requirements must be met. Airbag/SW process's manufacturing requirements must also be satisfied.

Lightweight and low CO2 emission

In comparison to standard resin materials, the solution should be lightweight and its production should emit 30% less CO2.

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