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KONE’s maintenance operations account for a major part of our operational greenhouse gas emissions and ever-expanding urban areas require new and sustainable smart mobility solutions. Can you help us in decreasing our carbon footprint and enabling the well-being of future cities?

Theme description

Today, more than four billion people live in cities and the number is growing to seven billion by 2050. The well-being of city citizens and vitality of ever-expanding urban areas require sustainable and safe mobility solutions that efficiently move people and materials around. City authorities and citizens are increasingly demanding and introducing regulations and carrot and stick policies to cut emissions and solve transportation challenges around the globe. For KONE, driving innovation and resource efficiency is the key in securing a sustainable future for our cities.

To pioneer in sustainability, we at KONE are testing and scaling solutions in urban areas that reduce the emissions emitted by our global maintenance operations. If you are working on a product or service that can help us in cutting emissions for example by route and resource optimization, alternative fuel vehicles, traffic data or integrated mobility services, read more below and let us hear from you!

Opportunity overview

The global installed base and service operations of KONE require planned and professional maintenance to keep people flowing safely. In total, our maintenance operations employ more than 17 000 skilled maintenance workers, who need to be on time in the right location with the right tools and spare parts to efficiently conduct maintenance.

The fleets of workers utilize for instance route planning, distributed storages for tools and spare parts, vans, public transportation and electric bikes in urban movement, and the need for new, smart mobility solutions is continuously increasing. Does your solution help us in decreasing the emission levels of our maintenance service operations? Look below for a few examples but bear in mind that we are not limited to them.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Advanced route planning and optimization

Developing city infrastructures and integrated systems can e.g. accurately predict congestions and routes to avoid. We believe that it is possible to reduce the miles driven by our maintenance workers with advanced use of data and available infrastructure. What do you have to offer?

Alternative fuel vehicles

Majority of our current service vehicle fleet consists of traditional combustion engines but the share of alternative fuel vehicles is continuously increasing. Do you have a sustainable vehicle solution for urban area mobility?

We have seen an increase in the number of mobility-as-a-service solutions and other new digital-driven mobility services, APIs and data sources. Does yours help us to do our maintenance operations more efficiently?

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