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New Wood Products with Stora Enso

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Today we can already build higher, stronger and lighter buildings than ever before with a raw material that keeps growing back - wood. As a leading provider of wooden construction elements we seek to explore and capture new ways of using our wood products, components and remnant production material to meet the needs of a constantly growing wood construction industry.

Opportunity Overview

Around the world, architects, builders and contractors turn to Stora Enso’s Wood Products Division as a leader in sustainability and an innovation partner they can rely on for their building projects.

Whether you’re looking for the simple beauty of classic sawn wood or the predictable precision of engineered wood, we’ve got what you need. We believe that anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

Developing sustainable low carbon alternatives for fossil intensive products such as plastic, steel and concrete is a challenge that the wood products industry is determined to overcome.  New wooden building composites based on innovations in structural cardboard, structural wood fiber components and new insulation products will have a significant role in this development. In addition, enabling more uses for remnant production materials created in production process of wood products is key for future development.

To summarize, Stora Enso is looking into several ways of taking wood to the next level as a construction material, and now we are looking for innovative partners to help us succeeding our aim. This means expanding the use cases of remnant production materials and co-creating completely new products using wood for building construction.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Utilization of Remnant Production Material

Utilisation of production residual side streams, such as bark, sawdust and ashes will have an important role in maximising the utilisation of raw materials. In addition, specific remnant production materials in standardised format such as peeling cores from veneer production, or cut-out materials from CLT elements can be utilized in various end-products. Our aim is to find partners who can help us to increase the value of these remnant materials by commercializing them through innovative products. We would be eager to hear about your solution.

New Wooden Building Components

Today our Building Components are used to form a part of the superstructure of a building which represents 12% of the total cost of construction. We are welcoming new ways of doing things sustainably with wood and timber in construction by replacing traditional materials such as steel with structural cardboard, structural wood fiber composites and high-performance insulation products. Do you have a use-case idea or a solution that uses these wooden elements for building construction?

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