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Autoliv develops, manufactures, and sells safety equipment such as airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels. Our main goal is to develop passive safety systems that can save lives while driving and in the tragic case of a car accident. In current automobiles, monitoring seat belt fastening or driver weariness, drowsiness, inattention, or simply taking your hands off the steering wheel can be avoided to save human lives.

Opportunity overview

With face-to-face seating arrangements, long-track passenger seats and new types of chairs with a large inclination angle, vehicle interior design has been constantly changing. Different driving situations, such as off-roading or dynamic driving, will all provide a challenge for the proper activation of active seatbelts and airbags.

Autoliv is seeking novel sensor technologies to monitor driver’s and passenger's’ head, chest, body, and shoulder position for optimizing the deployment of active seatbelt and airbags. Cabin sensing systems that employ cameras to monitor driver weariness, drowsiness, and inattention are currently in use at Autoliv, but they may be improved even further with modern sensor technology. These could include but are not limited to technologies like radars, cameras, acceleration sensors and other passive safety system concepts.

For example, knowing the position of a traveller, an active seatbelt can ensure the stable driving body position. In the case of a crash being inevitable, on the other hand, an active seatbelt with a precisely adjusted airbag explosion positioning assures the best kind of crash positioning to save lives.

Your opportunity with Autoliv

This project provides the potential for a disruptive change, starting on a very fundamental level, but with the outlook towards a large-scale industrialization. Because of the safety function in a car, Autoliv spans know-how from very deep sensor and safety system knowledge up to large scale industrial manufacturing. Hence, we also have extensive resources in product development.

An interested startup or scaleup must be able to demonstrate fundamental innovation capability and build the vision to scale up to large series production as well as make a no-compromise product. As Autoliv currently produces safety components to tens of millions vehicles per year, a fully scaled solution is a huge opportunity for a successful provider. After a successful feasibility phase to ensure our requirements are met, we target to enter the market within 2-3 years.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Incapable driver situation detection

Advanced safety system to motor driver fatigue, drowsiness, inattention or unwanted drive situations such as removing hands from the steering wheel

Timely driver and passenger position

Sensors to monitor head, body, and chest positioning such as the distance between body positions; The sensing to be integrated into the steering wheel for the “hands touch status information” and “Driver health information”

Driver and passenger position prediction

Predicting driver and passenger positioning to ensure maximal functionality of vehicle safety systems

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