Husqvarna Group aims to contribute to increased food security worldwide by strengthening its offerings that improve productivity and control for farmers and their strategic partners. The geographical focus is on smallholder farmers in UCCA, LATAM, and AMEA. That being said, the Light Agriculture division is on the lookout for precise and data-driven agricultural solutions that tackle the entire smart plant cycle, encompassing harvesting, protection, nutrition, fertility, and irrigation of crops.

Opportunity overview

The aim is to empower smallholder farmers in UCCA, AMEA, and LATAM with access to data-driven insights, enabling them to optimize agricultural practices. Trends underscore the global need for precision agriculture due to increased demands for food security, population growth, environmental concerns, and the potential impact of climate change on farming. As smallholder farmers play a significant role in feeding populations, this solution should be easily implementable in individuals’ existing agricultural practices.

With the vision of a data-driven holistic management tool for smallholder farmers, the starting point is to protect crops from diseases. An ideal solution would conveniently provide insights on how to improve nutrition, fertility, and irrigation management of the crop. With the help of future solutions, diseases should be detected as early as possible, offering predictive insights for crop protection. The solutions should take into account not only data analysis but also data sourcing and user interface.

Your opportunity with Husqvarna Group

Collaborating with Husqvarna Group provides immediate access to several markets, offering the possibility to gain invaluable real-world insights and direct feedback. This feedback is crucial for market alignment and adoption within the agricultural sector. Utilizing Husqvarna Group’s current partnerships and distribution channels, collaboration brings speed and scalability. At this stage, you could play a key role in building a holistic service that enables farmers to address the challenges brought about by climate change and a growing population.

Examples we're looking for


Our vision is to enable precision agriculture by optimizing the entire plant cycle through smart agricultural practices. A core focus is safeguarding crops by preserving crop recipes, offering predictive insights, assessing infection risks, and using image analysis to detect plagues and diseases.


Utilizing computer vision or similar technology, we aim to combat yield-reducing pests while enhancing crop monitoring for nutrient deficiencies. This technology enables the early detection of pests and assists in recommending preventive measures for effective pest control.

Data gathering service

Husqvarna incorporates smart sensors or easily integrable modules within its tools, capturing comprehensive data on usage patterns, operating conditions, and performance metrics. This data is then aggregated into a centralized knowledge hub, empowering farmers to make informed decisions based on detailed insights.

Husqvarna Group was founded in 1689 and is today a world-leading manufacturer of innovative products and solutions for forest, park, and garden management. The range includes robotic lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, riding lawnmowers, and garden irrigation. Husqvarna Group is also a leader in equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The Group's products and solutions are mainly sold under the global Husqvarna and Gardena brands via direct sales, dealers, and retailers to consumers and professional users in more than 100 countries.

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