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Ensuring Product Authenticity with Packaging by Stora Enso


Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, wants to support its e-commerce and retail customers by preventing counterfeit and tampering with the help of innovative packaging solutions. Retail brands have a strong need to protect the integrity of their products, but currently lack the tools to effectively detect the tampering or counterfeit of their products. We want to offer robust and scalable smart packaging solutions that efficiently tackle the issue, and eventually ensure that our client’s products are not copied or altered while shipped inside our packaging.

Theme Description

eCommerce is growing rapidly, and so is the need to ensure the authenticity of delivered products. Strong brands all over the world see less buying in flagship stores and more purchases online.

This exposes the products to the risk of either counterfeiting or tampering with the package during transportation. At the same time, a premium buying experience is an increasingly important driver of customer satisfaction. When a customer receives the package, that person needs to feel comfortable that no one has tampered with the package and that they have received a legitimate product from the brand. This is regardless if it is high-end fashion, an automated lawn mower, or an exclusive drone.

Stora Enso is an industry leader in renewable packaging, with design and customer-centricity in focus. We provide fiber-based board materials, corrugated packaging products, and services for a wide array of applications. We want to further increase the value of our packaging solutions by deploying intelligent digital- and renewable material -based technologies to increase the brand integrity of our customers, while also making it easy to verify legitimacy without opening or damaging the packaging.

Opportunity Overview

At Stora Enso, we are looking for ways to guarantee the brand integrity of our premium brand customers by differentiating our packaging offering.

For this purpose, we are seeking to partner up with packaging innovators and startup companies with solutions for anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering using packaging. The solutions we are looking for can be based on new renewable materials or digital technologies. For example, elements applied to the packaging, such as unique prints, smart tags, or interactive materials can enable traceability, supported by foolproof digital algorithms. The elements should be impossible to copy and quick to verify from outside the packaging. We are open to hearing about both standalone- or complementary solutions that could potentially integrate to our existing solutions, including the Stora Enso ECO RFID tags. Most importantly, the solutions should be scalable to high volumes and to different kinds of packaging designs. Solutions that are compatible with our existing packaging production infrastructure is a clear benefit but not a strict requirement. We are also looking for solutions that combine exclusive unboxing experiences to increase customer satisfaction.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Anti-counterfeit Solutions

A strong brand will often be a target for copycats. Buying online has made it more difficult to judge what’s real and fake. Could your solution address the issue of counterfeiting by effectively verifying the originality of the packaging and even offering an exclusive and pleasant unboxing experience?

Anti-tampering Solutions

Strong brands and exclusive products will always attract illegal acts. For example, when shipping a smartphone from A to B, when it arrives at B the package is intact, but the smartphone is not inside the package anymore. Could your solution prevent this efficiently and elegantly by interacting with intelligent packaging?

Solutions that Enable Scalable Traceability

Due to the fast processes in E-commerce delivery, the solution must be robust and fast to make the product or service attractive to the customers. The scalability and adaptability to different kinds of packaging are therefore of high importance. What solutions do you have that enable massive scale for intelligent packaging?

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