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What are we looking for?

Autoliv develops, manufactures and markets protective systems, such as airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels for all major automotive manufacturers in the world as well as mobility safety solutions, such as pedestrian protection, connected safety services and safety solutions for riders of powered two wheelers. As we distribute our life-saving products around the globe, it is important that we have very accurate tracking of where goods were sent and the timing of distribution. Our goal is to find an innovative automatic method for capturing the distribution information.

Opportunity overview

Product tracking accuracy is important to Autoliv. To accomplish a high level of accuracy, hand scanners are distributed throughout our facilities and logistic centers globally. Hand scanning of labels is labor intensive and reduces efficiency in distribution. We seek an innovative partner that can re-imagine how we track products effectively and efficiently as part of the normal flow of operations. Product labels are currently determined by industry standards and specific customer requirements; therefore, our greatest interest will be in technologies that don’t require an additive process like placement of additional labels or other medium for product tracking that would minimize the labor savings in the distribution process.

Autoliv forklift operator in warehouse
Autoliv logistics at assembly site

Your opportunity with Autoliv

We believe there is an opportunity to significantly reduce labor used in our material movement and distribution process by eliminating manual scanning. We are looking for an innovative automatic solution or technology provider that could optimize one or several of the use-cases listed below. The main goal is to reduce total labor hours and costs related to product tracking/label scanning in our distribution and logistics activities.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in


When products are received at warehouses and facilities scanning is currently required to identify the product and verify the receipt. This scanning is very often done manually.

Autoliv forklift operator loading freight container on loading platform


As products are placed and removed from the warehouse, manual scanning is used to identify the products and the locations in the warehouse.


At time of shipment boxes and pallets of finished goods are manually scanned to verify product and generate shipping paperwork.

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