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Production Waste Measurement by Stora Enso


Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, is looking to measure production waste at the Lahti plant, the largest site for corrugated board packaging production. Our aim is to find a solution that would track waste generation automatically. Can you help us to create transparency in the corrugated board production process?

From monthly to daily metrics for waste creation

Stora Enso Packaging Solutions division provides fiber-based board materials and corrugated packaging products and services designed for a wide array of applications. Our renewable high-end packaging solutions serve leading converters, brand owners, and retailers across multiple industries looking to optimize performance and drive innovation.

The largest Finnish production site for corrugated packaging products at Stora Enso is the plant located in Lahti, Finland. We are seeking innovative methods to accurately measure the waste generated throughout the process of converting carton into corrugated cardboard boxes. Currently, we are managing waste data manually at a monthly level, but the ambition is to gain information on the amount of waste thrown away automatically as waste is generated. This would enable us to go down to daily or even shift level information regarding the generation of excess cardboard waste. Our ambition is to gain insight into the root causes of waste generation and analyze them in order to reach increased resource-efficiency. The solution could be potentially implemented not only in Lahti but also in other sites in Sweden, Baltics, Poland, Russia, and China.

Mesure, identify, report

At the Lahti plant, corrugated board is produced through several steps on the shop floor. Cardboard waste is created both systemically, through the manufacturing process as well as manually, by decisions of factory operators.

We want to create a user-friendly solution to be used by our factory staff, aiming to manage and minimize the waste created by manual decision making. We believe this could be achieved by measuring and mapping the amount of waste on a daily basis, or even between shifts, in order to identify specific reasons for waste generation. Important data points for such a solution could include the amount, time and stage of the production process for the generated waste. Currently, we measure total waste generation data on a monthly basis and have basic root cause classification. We are looking for innovative solutions in for example automatic identification of waste in industrial processes, root cause identification, and automatic reporting tools. The solutions could potentially be integrated into our existing resource planning and visualization systems after a successful proof of concept. Read some example solution areas below, but bear in mind that we are open to hearing ideas of other innovative approaches as well.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Automatic waste measurement

Identifying the amount of waste cardboard generated during a certain step, at a certain time lays the foundation for managing operational excellence in producing corrugated cardboard. Making this as automatic as possible is a big value driver for us. What do you have to offer in this space?

Root cause identification and analysis

There are multiple reasons for putting cardboard into waste in the corrugated board manufacturing process, such as process runtime optimization and defected materials. Do you have a solution to identify the condition of cardboard or corrugated boards, in order to get more information about the root cause for excess waste?

Automatic data reporting tools

Creating automatic reports from the data generated from production waste measurement helps us manage our production sites more efficiently. We are looking for innovative reporting solutions to integrate with our visualization tools.  What is your solution for production waste measurement reporting?

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