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Real-Time Quality Inspection in Manufacturing with Autoliv

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At Autoliv, we are dedicated to quality and reaching zero defects in manufacturing. For example, we envision positive step changes in manufacturing to emerge from vision-based learning systems that prevent quality defects from happening in the first place and efficient, non-destructive sensor systems assessing the correctness of our finished life-saving safety systems. Do you want to be part of our vision of Saving More Lives? If you can support us in reaching the next paradigm in real-time quality inspection, be sure to be in touch with us!

Theme Description

With an unparalleled focus on quality, Autoliv has become the market leader in automotive safety. We are dedicated to quality, reaching zero defects and being a leading global manufacturing company.

To demonstrate our dedication, Autoliv’s production lines and equipments are often developed and manufactured by Autoliv itself. By doing this, we assure standardization and high quality, and maintain proprietary production technologies.

Although we are the forefront of automotive safety technology, our products don’t get a second chance if they don’t work. This requires extensive quality management, control and inspection throughout the supply chain. As our yearly production numbers are measured in hundreds of millions of units, new solutions and technologies complementing our in-line and end-of-line quality inspection systems have a tremendous potential in contributing to saving lives and ensuring the safety of passengers.

Now, we see multiple solutions driving us to the next paradigm in instant and accurate quality inspection. Some examples include real-time learning systems that spot defects and non-conformities as they occur, feedback loops that guide our skilled manufacturing operators, and different non-destructive sensor systems which assess the correctness of the finished goods. If your solution contributes to a zero-defect manufacturing process and drives the manufacturing evolution towards autonomous production, we would like to hear from you!

Opportunity Overview

We aim for automatic manufacturing with zero quality issues. To achieve this, we invite the best talent to work on some of the biggest opportunities in quality management together with us.

We believe that all potential defects should be spotted and corrected as early as possible in the production process. Our skilled operators working at production lines should receive real-time and accurate feedback on how their actions affect the end-product quality. We envision an adaptive learning system that crunches different sensory inputs, such as optical video camera streams, to provide the needed feedback to the operators. In the long term, the system could learn how to improve the production process itself. Also, we have a high interest in solutions that can assess the correctness and conformity of work-in-progress products and finished goods. The primary focus is on non-destructive quality inspection solutions and the key variables are accuracy and speed. Your solution can base its non-destructive quality assessment on a technology of your choice – we have interest in direct and indirect solutions that for example scan the surface of an object or see through it.

Below you can read more on example use cases that we are currently working on. If you think you have a solution that could be of value to us, be sure to contact us!

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Assembly of a Steering Wheel

Steering wheels are crucial safety systems in light vehicles. In hand with their importance goes the complexity to produce them in large volumes with market-leading quality. An AI-based learning system capable of giving real-time warnings on possible defects and feedback to operators performing sophisticated assembling tasks could bring significant efficiency and quality gains.


Inflators are a key component in vehicle occupant safety based on airbags. An AI-based learning system capable of giving real-time warnings on possible defects on connection area and feedback to operators performing sophisticated assembling tasks could bring significant efficiency and quality gains.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are a key safety system in occupant collision protection. We are obsessive about our end-product quality and now we are looking for quality inspection solutions that can assess the correctness of our seat belts accurately, fast and in a non-destructive way. Seat belts are made of steel and plastics so your solution should work with products made of different materials.

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