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Do you have solutions for helping our customers to improve their OOE by utilizing our remote productivity advisory services?

Opportunity overview

Operations Equipment Efficiency (OEE) becomes more and more important in a competitive environment – it is survival of the fittest in a oversupplied sector like printing industry.

Many printers still work more in an artisanal than industrial way and lack the know-how of machine monitoring, root cause analysis etc.

Stora Enso doesn’t deliver printer solutions, but we are sure that as a paper supplier we can bring plenty of value a paper in this field.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Remote productivity monitoring

Instead of trouble shooting in a case by case way we would like to monitor performance remotely and flag any potential issues before they arise. We want to easily utilize machine and production data for improving OEE. Do you have solutions and ideas for building intelligent productivity monitoring services for monitoring OEE remotely?

Productivity improvement

Printers with general performance issues are asking for a support to increase the overall efficiency of their equipment. We want to help them also from distance. Obtaining OEE-data, making analysis and insights and giving professional advices remotely without visiting customer sites – all this will create better OEE and business value for the customer. Do you have solutions and ideas for bringing our productivity expertise easily and remotely available for our customers improving their OEE?

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