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Repair & Maintenance Management System for LOTS Group

Maintenance planning
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In LOTS Operations, we have different types of equipment and brands applied depending on the industry and application. Our vehicles must be well maintained to ensure uptime and efficiency; hence, we need a professional Repair & Maintenance (R&M) management solution supporting multiple brands and vehicle types.

Opportunity overview

We are looking to integrate all steps of the fleet maintenance process, including planning, control, execution, spare part and cost management. This process contemplates different types of equipment, such as trucks, trailers, loaders and other heavy machines from multiple brands.

Currently, the management of the R&M process is based on spreadsheets and emails. Considering the accelerated expansion of the LOTS Group, the maintenance management is becoming more cumbersome, slow and inaccurate as the fleet size increases. Our aim is to find a unified platform that can meet our requirements in an integrated and flexible way, providing visibility for the stakeholders and ensuring process and cost efficiency. We are looking for a robust solution that can scale with our fleet operations.

About LOTS Group

LOTS Group is part of Scania and TRATON Group and provides industry leading transport services by blending the latest technologies with the Lean-Production System pioneered at Scania. We operate in industries like mining, forestry and agriculture and traditional on-road applications.

Your opportunity with LOTS Group

We are a pioneering operator in the transport industry and selectively partner with the best expert teams bringing digital solutions to the industry. We work closely with our partners to bring the most efficient transport services to the market. For our R&M management needs, we are looking to find a product that has been already tested in a use case like ours. After successful testing, we expect to form a long-term partnership with you to grow and support LOTS Group Operations in our global expansion. Your software solution should offer a complete, end-to-end solution with maintenance planning, and service order and financial management features.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Maintenance planning

Manage the multi-brand maintenance scheduling and execution with:

  • Maintenance planning
  • Service programming
  • Maintenance control
  • Time of service execution and waiting for mechanics
  • Spare parts management

Service orders

Control service orders for tasks executed and parts consumed:

  • SO opening/closing control
  • Maintenance type classification
  • Maintenance reason identification
  • Material request
  • Reports by equipment

Financial management

Manage maintenance costs from parts and services:

  • Cost consolidation
  • Cost projection
  • Financial impact of unavailability
  • Maintenance costs by equipment type

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