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Measuring Roadside Timber Stock with Stora Enso


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Today, Stora Enso is one of the largest private forest owners in the world with forest assets valued at more than EUR 7 billion (land and biological assets) in 2020. Globally, Stora Enso owns or manages lands covering a total area of more than 2.0 million hectares. Now we are looking to find a software solution for measuring the forwarder and truck piles at a roadside, providing us more accurate roadside stock data.

Opportunity overview

For Stora Enso understanding and measuring the roadside stock is important for improving the control of the wood flow, planning the forwarding and transportation volumes and preventing wood theft. Currently, roadside stock measuring requires manual work and is not on a desired precision-level. Thus, Stora Enso is now looking for an easy and quick solution for measuring the roadside pile of logs and managing all the data digitally. Ideal solution would be a mobile application which determines the number of logs, volume and diameter of each log from an uploaded picture.

The goal is to enable faster and more precise infield stock and truck loading measuring as well as avoid losses related to stolen wood. The ideal solution provider would have prior experience on digital roundwood measuring and timber industry. Potential use cases for the solution include measuring roadside piles, forwarding, harvesting, farmer trucks and transfer stations. Do you have a solution for digital timber stock measuring?

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

We are ultimately looking for a long-term service provider who wants to work with us to further develop digital inventory management for timber industry. Your role would be the service provider who provides the needed maintenance and support. We would like to work together and share our industry knowledge to provide you valuable learnings enabling your company further opportunities within the industry. If a suitable solution is found, the solution may be scaled further within the company.

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Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Image recognition solutions

Software that generates the number of logs, volume and diameter of each log based on the uploaded pictures. Artificial Intelligence technology and/or Machine learning capabilities that would give ability to run different analyses and enable continuous learning

Data integrations

Solution would integrate with our existing ERP system and possibly with other third party systems

Location sharing

Solution would enable sharing and tracking the real-time locations of the timber stock