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Replacing Single Use Plastic in On-Demand Food Delivery by Stora Enso

Material innovation


Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, wants to replace packages made of plastic in the Chinese on-demand food delivery industry. Can you help us to make Stora Enso’s renewable packaging offering a better alternative for on-demand food delivery services, instead of plastic?

Theme Description

Stora Enso Packaging Materials division’s aim is to be the preferred partner of our customers, such as package converters, brand owners, and retailers, in premium end-use packaging and graphical segments.

In essence, we provide the raw materials for packages and other end-products that are made of renewable materials. Our wide board and barrier coating selection is suitable for consumer packaging for liquid, food, pharmaceutical, and luxury goods.

In China, the on-demand food delivery market is growing fast. The market has a  turnover of 80 billion Euros, and it is currently dominated by two players, Ele.e and Meituan Dianping. A large majority of the food deliveries are served inside a plastic package and carried in a plastic bag. In order to create a safe, innovative, and more sustainable alternative for plastic packaging, Stora Enso is building a presence in the on-demand food delivery market. We want to offer the brand owners, restaurants, and end-consumers an alternative to plastic for on-demand food packaging, which is not only renewable, but has innovative digital features as well.

Opportunity Overview

Stora Enso has identified great potential in the Chinese on-demand food delivery packaging market and wants to invite local startups to co-create a compelling, innovative alternative for plastic packaging.

In practice, we want to offer the brand owners, restaurants, and end-consumers food packaging that is not only safe but also innovative. For example, this can mean applications that visualize product information for consumers through a QR-code printed on the package, digital platforms for restaurant owners to purchase packaging materials or digital design tools for packaging manufacturers. Read a few of our examples below bearing in mind your solutions may go above and beyond them, or even be something completely different.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

On-Demand Food Delivery Consumer Education

In order to raise visibility among restaurant owners and consumers, we need to educate them about the safety, reliability and sustainability of our packaging with value-added digital features. We are looking for visualization-, QR-code scanning- and gamification solutions. What do you have to offer?

Easy Purchasing of Renewable Packaging for Consumers and Restaurants

We want to make the purchasing of renewable packaging materials as easy as possible for restaurants and offer consumers the option to choose their mode of packaging. We are looking for e-commerce platforms and fast delivery for packaging materials, as well as on-demand food delivery services that let consumers choose the packaging material for their order. Do you have a solution for this?

Innovative Design Tools for Packaging Converters

In order to serve the end consumer in the best possible way, packaging design should be flexible and easy. We want to offer our customers, the packaging converters, new digital tools for packaging design. How would you enable design support for packaging converters?

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