Fossil-free Power for Chainsaws and Handheld Tools with Husqvarna Group

Husqvarna Group is exploring innovative fossil-free solutions to power its chainsaws and handheld tools for forests and parks.

Opportunity overview

Husqvarna offers a wide range of chainsaws and handheld tools for forests and parks. You can learn more about the products and their specifications at husqvarna.com.

Those tools are usually battery-powered, using lithium-ion battery cells, or gas-powered, using two-stroke internal combustion engines.

Husqvarna has a science-based target to reduce the CO2 emitted by the tools when they are being used. That makes batteries the preferred option whenever possible. However, for some applications, the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries (gravimetric and volumetric) is not high enough.

A typical use case is loggers working the whole day in forest areas that are not accessible with a motorized vehicle. With a gas-powered chainsaw, they must carry just a few liters of gas to work the day. With a battery-powered tool, they would need tens of kilograms of batteries, which is unrealistic.

We are interested in exploring innovative fossil-free solutions that would help us overcome this challenge, whether it is a carbon-neutral fuel, an improved battery technology, a portable hydrogen fuel cell, or any other solution satisfying our goals and constraints.


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