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Stora Enso is constantly working on sustainable and recyclable packaging options for a range of industries and applications worldwide. Now we are looking to co-develop sustainable caps and closures to make our fiber-based beverage packaging and tubes even more eco-friendly.

Opportunity overview

The Packaging Materials division at Stora Enso is driven by high demand for plastic free and eco-friendly circular packaging. Our ultimate goals are CO2 emission reduction by decreasing plastic use and increasing recyclability, which are currently done by providing premium renewable and recyclable packaging materials based on both virgin and recycled fiber. However, in beverage and tube packaging, caps, closures and shoulders are still mostly made of fossil-based materials due to their functionality.

To make our renewable packaging fully recyclable, we are searching for either innovative renewable materials or lightweight materials for caps and closures. The materials should comply with food-grade standards, endure humidity and frequent opening and closing and provide a shelf life of 1-1,5 years. As several industries require caps and closures, Stora Enso has a variety of use cases and therefore requirements for materials also vary based on the packaging type.

More about Stora Enso Packaging Materials

The Packaging Materials division is a global leader in the circular economy with our premium renewable and recyclable packaging materials based on both virgin and recycled fiber. Addressing the needs of today's eco-conscious consumers, we help customers replace fossil-based materials with low-carbon, renewable and recyclable alternatives for their food and drink, pharmaceutical or transport packaging. A wide selection of barrier coatings enables design optimisation for various demanding packaging end-uses.

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

Stora Enso is ultimately searching for a long-term service provider that strives to further improve our solution and to maintain continuous quality service. We are also open for an option and have previous experience of joint development agreements to accelerate the growth of your solution if needed. We are looking to collaborate and share our industry knowledge to provide you valuable information about our manufacturing process enabling your company further opportunities within the industry.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Innovative renewable materials

As our packaging is fiber-based, our ultimate goal is to utilise renewable materials in the caps and closures as well. If you are working on innovative sustainable materials and would be willing to co-develop caps and closures with the help of Stora Enso resources, please submit your solution.

Lightweight materials

Recyclability of packaging is determined by the weight of different materials. With lighter fossil-based materials we would be able to minimise the use of raw materials but also to recycle the final packaging. Therefore, we are also looking for lighter materials for the caps and closures.

Closing solutions

Caps and closures are well-functioning solutions to preserve the contents of beverage and tube packaging, but perhaps not the only one. If you have a ready product, that could fulfil the demanding tasks of current caps and closures with a lower carbon footprint, we would be interested in hearing more.

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